Saturday, July 26, 2014

Stroller Biking

You can see the stroller is not really a stroller

I hate the bus in summer. So many smells and all the weirdos are out in full bloom. With the older kid biking we have more freedom. On the hotter days we have done stroller biking. What is that? Well, it means our kid bikes and we walk really fast with the stroller behind her. I would love her to ride on the road but with us on the sidewalk I am not so confident that she won't get run over by a car.

As you can see by the picture, I am not committed enough to invest in a stroller that cost a bazillion dollars. I also don't like the idea of buying one used unless I see that it was cleaned. Too many times I see junk or gross things people try to sell. Also, my husband is very allergic to animals so if it has even been near something with hair then forget it. This means I have to buy new. Ok, fine. Let's see how long I last with the car seat stroller set up.

We have done a lot of walking and pushing a baby. We did this whole set up to the Wooden Boat festival to Lake Union.
FYI: That man in the background is NOT Mr. Peyos
These boats were cheap, at least cheaper than my bike. Mr. Peyos was interested by what kind of boat he could potentially buy. Maybe we can add an electric assist and we can all bike this around Lake Union, hahaha.
So much pink!

In any case, we have been walking more than I want but oh well, better than the bus right! We walked here just so my kid could get a plant that is half dead now. 

So, our kid is growing and she is biking. She is pretty fast at this point. I am sure we will have to upgrade to another bike. She has not mastered one handed biking or any crazy stunts but then again she is really a cautious kid. I remember at her age I was jumping over stuff with my roller skates. My dream job would be at a Roller Derby.

In any case, she amazes us with her new biking skills.Our kid has gone to summer camp and the camp moved from one location to a farther one. This means the commute has been far, or least far in the sense that I have to get a whole baby ready and equipment in the stroller to get her and her friend to camp. Mr. Peyos has a flexible job with a corporate giant so he is able to stay home a bit longer with the baby so I could do crazy stuff. Crazy stuff means putting the non-biking friend in the Hooptie and having our kid bike next to me. So, this is what I did the other day. I take the girls to camp and they get picked up by someone else. I had to tow the bike, an experience I only ever see online.
Can that bike get more pink?
I thought I did a good job securing the thing. I had some straps to the toe clips from another bike but alas, I lost one and the bike was hanging but held by the Xtracycle bags. I think it also helps that the wheel had something to stick into. I guess with more practice.
you like the dry grass at my house I never water in summer?

I made it home and so this is our summer. Not exactly the same as last summer where I had NO idea I was pregnant and decided to start graduate school. Then again, this summer is full of baby cuteness and a kid on her way to biking independence.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Kids riding on their own (The lazy way)

Taking a break on Bicycle Sunday
Training wheels are the worst idea. If you have kids forget the training wheels, they don't help. Instead take the pedals off a bike if they have one. If you have the money, get them a balance bike. At the time our daughter was little enough for a balance bike we were in economical poo. So, buying a balance bike or any bike just seemed out of the question. It wasn't until we moved to Seattle where we were able to afford stuff. Right now I am in the process of getting rid of stuff.

Training wheels bike
When we finally got our daughter a bike we figured it would be a good idea to put training wheels on the bike. We purchased her bike at Bike Works and she rode it home with the training wheels. Everything was good until she crashed into a berry bush. That basically ended her biking career for a good 8 months. In the meantime the Viking offspring grew and grew and the bike was just too small for her. A lot of begging happened for a new bike. In the meanwhile our kid was using the bike as part of whatever games she played in the yard. We took the bike back to Bike Works and bought a larger bike, the current pink one. We took the pedals off, meaning we had Steve take them off. We like Steve, he is so nice!

Say Cheese Steve!
So, Mr. Peyos, Baby Peyos and myself walked with our daughter all the way down to Seward Park for Bicycle Sunday. A lot of people saw us with our kid on her bike without the pedals. Someone even said to us that maybe having another parent teach her would help but we figured once we hit a flat surface she would maybe balance herself.

Family Bikes in the distance
We were trying to make our way to some festival down on the lake where BikeWorks had a stand and we could have someone put her pedals back on. We also knew that Family Bike would be there and we could check out all the different family bikes, something fun. I like these community events, although people were lined up forever for a free helmet. I hope they had the bike to go with it. In any case, while we waited for the wheels to get back on we took a look around. We spotted a newish cargo bike from G&O. I like that basket and the assist is really nice.

It was a happy occasion to wait for the pedals. While this was happening Baby Peyos and I went to visit Morgan. Can you see her in the purple? We made our way to check out the different family bikes.

Again, if you want to rent a bike contact Morgan, she has so many bikes to choose from. Remember my adventures with the Madsen? You can recreate them minus the speakers. I wanted to stick Baby Peyos on a bike but he was grouchy and just wanted his human water bottle/food source/pillow so he wasn't into my fun. I did manage to stick him in a cargo bike. I think the yellow subdued him.

See you later Mommy!
We started making our way home on Lake Washington to bike along the relaxing zero car zone. At this point Baby Peyos decided he had enough and it took the two adults to calm him down. While I was trying to get my walking and nursing thing going our kid took off on two wheels without us. We didn't notice because we were so involved in the baby. After all that balance biking we didn't think she would just bike away from us once the pedals were put back on but that is EXACTLY what happened.

So, if you want your older kid to bike take the pedals off. Put the pedals back on and don't worry they will bike. Then again, potty training with her was this easy. One day Mr. Peyos said to her, "you will no longer be wearing diapers". She said, "Okay". That was it! From that day on she went to the potty in her tiny toilet. So, the biking doesn't come as a surprise. Who was nervous about her falling? Mr. Peyos! As soon as he realized she was biking he kinda ran after her to "help" her. He walked fast next to her and reached out his hand when he thought she would fall. Good thing our kid told him to leave her alone.

She biked all the way home but on the way her seat needed to be put up. Lucky for us Cascade was out in full force and had tools. We got to borrow a tool but not before we were lectured on how badly her bike helmet was on our kid. Am I going to get into the helmet debate? No, but I can tell you that we won't freak out if somehow it gets forgotten. It's the law so we wear one. Now that our kid is on her bike it feels liberating. Now she is trying to get miles to earn a newer bike.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Back on the bike

No pictures please

My six weeks of biking rest have come to an end. I was offically certified to bike again and the first ride back felt SO GOOD! It is amazing how much a persons mood can be modified by biking.
going uphill and lazy 
During the biking break I got to mope and watch everyone bike in the gorgeous weather. I have less pain in my incision and take my ibuprofen pill on occasion rather than every 6 hours. I never imagined having to leave the house so much with a newborn.We went to a record number of appointments, ughh.

When I came home from the hospital I didn't want visitors and my friends understood this. We kept in touch via text and the occasional phone call but they did not push themselves on me just to fulfill a need to see a little baby. A couple of weeks ago one of my friends came to visit me and it was exciting. We talked about nursing. You know, that is always not so intuitive and it takes some time for both mother and baby to get it down where mommy can just nurse in public with ease.

Not only that but I was put on a rigorous schedule of baby feeding which included nursing, pumping and getting someone to supplement with a bottle one ounce. Don't ask.  I had zero time to finish my graduate school stuff. In the end I finished one project and took an incomplete in another course.

As much as I want to bike it is hard to leave my baby at home with my husband, those two are getting used to each other. Baby Peyos is a complete clone of Mr. Peyos, no kidding! Our friends call him Fabio because of his luscious hair.

My first biking trip was very a very non-eventful trip to the grocery store. Well, at the rack was another Edgerunner. I tried to find the owner and when I did she was leaving the store in a hurry.

We have seen more cargo bikes in our slummy side of town. This area has had record number of drive by shooting so it is not the fancy part of town. Seeing cargo bikes is not typical and is pretty darn exciting when it happens.

This was at the Wednesday farmer's market in Columbia City. We have yet to meet these people.

In any case here is my load. I bought plants and beer so life is complete right! Baby Peyos is 2 months and 7 months from being "bikable". We have a whole baby bike countdown, sad but true.

I let him sleep on the bike pillow, that is how close he is getting to a bike these days.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My baby hates cars

We don't own a car and don't want one. Just because we have a baby doesn't mean that we have to buy one. On several occasions I have had to use a car because I am not approved to bike yet, blame the c-section. We needed stuff.  I feel pretty good and a week afterwards I was all pumped to get on the bike but I won't because I don't want to hurt myself and not know it.

Turns out it really freaks me out to put the baby in the car. For one, I am the only person who can drive in this family so when we borrow a Zipcar I am putting my little sweet baby behind me, not within instant viewing. I don't like to drive alone with him so I make people sit in the back to watch him. You think I never had a kid before the way I act.

Baby Peyos gets really fussy once he is put in the car seat. He could be stoned out of his mind after having a ton of nursing but NOOOOO, he knows he will be strapped down without a view of mommy (his food source and pillow).

I rather take the bus but with the better Seattle weather means the bus has become one big cloud of medicinal herbs. It stinks like sweat, fast food and pot. You don't believe me? Get on the bus and you will know exactly what I am talking about.
On the bus, no crying required

In our latest car adventure we used a Zipcar and that was a disaster. The baby cried on the way to take Mr. Peyos to work, he cried on the way to Mercer Island, he cried to take his sibling to the dentist. He finally stopped when I nursed him. FYI, his diaper was fine.

What does his crazy crying look like?
full crying mode

Babies, are cute and all but let's be realistic, they cry sometimes. In fact, the neighbor was convinced 
someone abandoned their baby because he swore he heard a baby cry for 30 minutes straight. It wasn't ours and no baby was crying for 30 minutes straight. Some people!

So now I am researching a walking option where I can push the baby and schlep stuff because I ain't biking with him any time soon.

In the meantime he does have his awake moments, including his epic battle with his arch nemesis, "The Blue Giraffe". He really does not like the giraffe and upon seeing him seemly tries to punch it. 

I am hoping that this week I get time to figure out this whole strolling option..ughh

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Banned from Biking/Perpetually pissed off for a while

I haven't ridden my bike since April 13th and this has put me in a bad mood. Little did I forget that even though I feel pretty good for having a baby taken out of my abdominal I am banned from biking 6 weeks after delivery. At my first postpartum appointment I asked about biking and exercise and was given a flat out no, followed by the risk of giving myself a hernia. Hernias are for old people and me apparently.

The worst part of this is that I can't even ride a short distance to go to the store. It also means I can't feasibly walk somewhere carrying something other than my baby. We sometimes would walk to the store but I am not allowed to carry anything but my bundle of baby. AHH! So, this has put me in a foul mood.

We are now in May and it is the Bike Challenge. Worse, the Broadway Cycle Highway opened and I just get to watch. In order to inagurate the ride I have forced my other bike people in the house to bike on Broadway. This week Mr. Peyos took a ride on Broadway because he was made to get my pain pill refill. He biked from down by Lake Union up to Capitol Hill. I have no idea how he did it without going over some bridge. He was nice and took a picture for me just to rub it in.
I still have no idea where on the new Broadway Bike Highway this is but I hear it is kinda confusing.

So, Baby Peyos has an appointment and I thought it would be fun to have the other kid bike on the cycletrack. We took the bus with the bike and then let our kid make her way and obey the laws of traffic.
 This is the point where we got out of the bus and we allowed her to ride. If we were more adventurous we would have let her bike from the beginning, but we were pressed for time.

And she is off.... She was excited and oddly enough we felt safe allowing her to do it.
 We are waiting at the light. The Bike light is kinda off but you can't tell. She was pretty careful when we got to the parts with the painted green. She knew this was a danger zone and we had to look out for cars.

Ahh, JOY! This lady decided to park in the Bikeway! Well, fracka lacka to her. I was yelling at her from across the street. This made her paranoid so she rushed to make her get away before I got closer to get a close up of her face for my camera. She actually had space to park right behind that taxi but NO, she had to park there. Man, people are stupid!

On the way home we took the light rail and I managed to lift the bike for my kid:

Before we could do that we went to Target and my kid parked her bike next to this sad bike:

The bike looked new and had a lot missing. See how they locked it? They just locked part of the frame. The handle bars, wheels, and seat were missing. So sad.

Finally, we made our way through the Columbia City Farmers market and lookie lookie, an Edgerunner:
Who are you?? We have not encountered each other before. In any case, it was nice to see two cargo bikes down here in the hood. I feel alone sometimes. In any case, I will be walking until I get my doctor approval and not prone to hurting myself. The we have the whole adventure of figuring out what to do with Baby Peyos. Makes me wish I was rich just to buy another bike, sigh.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hospital Stays can be Interesting

Having a baby Erev Pesach was really interesting. I really tried keeping this baby in me as long as possible. I cut back on biking, took it easy and in many instances asked for help. I don't like to ask people for help but I did because I wanted to make it through Pesach with a baby in my stomach. You know, we don't always get what we want. With the new car tab and tax vote not going through we might have an epidemic of other ladies actually giving birth on the bus. The imagery is so haunting. Metro's new saying will be, we might get you there.

While in the hospital/birthing center/whatever you want to call it I learned a lot about myself and what not to do there:

1. I have the blood pressure of a marathon runner. At some point the anesthesiologist came in my room and told the nurses to not lower my bed for the first 12 hours or else my blood pressure will dip too low. I wonder if all us cargo folk have that kind of blood pressure because we bike at a steady rather than fast pace?

2. I am tolerant to pain. I had a spinal block which was a very interesting experience. Once that wore off I was fed an IV of liquid tylenol, very interesting, When that was done I was given Ibuprofen every 6 hours with the option of percocet. What is that narcotic? It is narcotic of oxycodone and acetaminophen. I took it with the last c-section so I half expected my pain level to be the same. So, I waited for the pain. Day 1 went by and I didn't need anything but ibuprofen. Day 2, same. By the night of day 2 it was almost like the nurses were thinking I was being stoic and not wanting to be on a stronger pain medicine. I felt good. By Day 3 I took a shower, standing up and was able to lift my foot off the ground to wash under. For someone who had surgery and had my insides shoved around that was pretty good. Every nurse winced when they offered me percocet and I refused. Nobody believed me that I didn't need it. If I was in pain I would have taken it. The side effects are horrible and you feel stoned but if you have that much pain it is better to manage that pain, I know that. I felt like the nurses at Swedish were a bit pushy with the narcotic taking. Sometimes I wondered if they wanted me all groggy so they could control me better. I have a WHOLE blog post dedicated to the nightmare nurse who made my last day there hell.

3. I am pretty good at getting along by myself, even the hospital. I managed to deal with issues but only because I was in a clear state of mind. It was almost mind blowing boring to be at Swedish on Yom Tov with nothing to do, so I davened (prayed). I stared out the window a lot.

4. I learned to sleep with the lights on. As much as I tried to explain Yom Tov to everyone, lights were left on and I was even at one point trapped in my bed by the lactation consultant, which leaves me with my funny story of how many people touched my boobs:

1st Happy Nursing Face

Side Story: Keep your hands off my milk machines!
It has been a while since I have nursed a baby but Baby Peyos was pretty good about trying to nurse and latch as soon as he came out. I even have his happy face after we had a successful run. Now the odd thing is that before I knew it, if a nurse was in a room suddenly I would have another hand on my boob trying to fix it. OY! This happened a lot. At some point I was asked if I should have the lactation consultant come help me. Little did I know this would happen.

Lactation Consultant: At around 8:30PM a short gray haired menopausal woman entered my room and explained who she was and if I was doing okay. I told her that I needed help with the right side. I found it difficult with the first kid also. We tried "football" hold and of course she had her hands all over my boobs. Then I gave up and the consultant rearranged furniture. She sat in every chair in the room, close to the bed and demonstrated over her clothes proper nipple pulling out and boob squooshing. It was weird and oddly entertaining. I hadn't done anything but pray at this point and G-d sends me my own reality TV show. I wish it wasn't Yom Tov because I would have TOTALLY taken a picture! Ahh, when she left I was trapped. She pulled every single piece of NON movable furniture up against the bed of a woman who had a c-section and I had no choice but to press the red button for a rescue. My nurse was busy helping a women with a really screaming baby so I did what my cargo legs can do, kick stuff! I kicked the chair over and was able to escape to the bathroom. By the time my 7pm-7am nurse came the drama was over and I gone to the bathroom.

Glow in the dark baby
Which leaves me with other boob touching. I finally escaped Swedish on the Thursday of the same week I had the baby. I was there from Mon-Thur, okay. My friend picked us up and did our get away. Our baby got jaundice and his bilirubin levels were up. Rather than force us back into the hospital a service came with a bed for him to sleep him if he wasn't nursing. He spent his Shalom Zachor Shabbos in this bed while the visiting men sang and dropped Pesach booze all over my floor, hahahaha. One of the chair got really sticky from arak. Mr. Peyos bought cake and cookies imported from L.A. that tasted just like chametz. He kept everything in the boxes so people would be reassured it wasn't.

Every day of his glow baby bed experience a nurse came and I was made to demonstrate my nursing and before I knew it someone's hand was on my boob squooshing it to express milk. Not even in Santa Cruz, CA where I had the first one did ANYONE touch me. Seattle people are so booby touchy feely. So, the nurse drama is over, my doctor checked me and said my incision looks good but I am banned from biking for another 5 weeks because I might give myself a hernia.

Otherwise, I can just stare at my bike and do funny things like put the car seat in it for fun! Don't worry, I ain't baby biking for a while!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Did I bike in Labor?

So, if you follow me on Twitter you might have known I had my baby. I am not a prolific Tweet kind of person but I do occasionally have some interesting discussions with folks. If you are part of the Seattle Family Biking Page you would have seen some of my adventure. So, did I bike in labor?

Let's see my adventure, okay! On Monday 4-14-14 (that date is funny), I woke up at 4am and felt really crampy. I had been having Braxton Hicks and if I changed position I knew that it would change. So, after about an hour of this pain I decided to take a shower. At this point our kid woke up and wanted to cuddle. So we let her and she came in the bed with us and we all fell asleep. I had to wake up around 7am to get myself ready for my weekly appointment at my OBGYN office. By now the pain had stopped so I figured it was not real labor. I go to use the restroom and GUSH! Guess what that was? I wasn't too sure because it wasn't a mabul (flood). Humm, let me smell it. It didn't smell like urine. I am like that, so if you don't want gross details stop reading here because I am about to get more gross!

Bye bye slow 9X

Okay, let me have some Pesach cake I made in ADVANCE because I am lame and made food for Passover starting Sunday. I had a tiny piece and then the first more painful contraction hit me. I sat there thinking, "bike or bus?". The debate went on for a while and the contractions more sporatic. In the end I decided to take the bus. I caught the 9X and it was less than express and their were few places to for the hugely pregnant lady to sit. Okay, I am looking at my watch and realizing that the contractions are getting more even. OY OY OY!! Get me off of this frigging bus! In my head I was thinking, biking would have been faster.

I endured them got out and started walking to my appointment. I had to stop a few times because the contractions were intense. At one point I screamed at a car who didn't let me cross the street safely. I think I might have yelled not nice words, oh well. I get to my OBGYN office and tell the nice lady, "Hi, I think my water broke and......hold on a moment.....(at this point I was making a face and breathing through the contraction).....oh and I am having contractions". Yeah, I scared EVERYONE! Of course, I was prioritized and seen RIGHT AWAY.

My OBGYN doctor and I talked, she checked my cervix and determined that my water did break. I told her that it was the one appointment I didn't bike to. She said it was good I trusted my instinct because had I biked I might have risked the cord wrapping around the baby. From this point I was not allowed to leave the office until my husband arrived to transport me to the birthing center/hospital. Hello, he doesn't drive. Instead he had someone from work come and help him take me. I was ready to walk because it is a couple blocks away. I was even banned from walking to the bus stop.

I was put on a monitor for the baby and my contractions. I had a button I had to press every time I had one and after about of an hour they were more steady and labor was progressing. My husband arrived and we walked to his co-workers car and TADA! Her car breaks down!!! OY OY OY!

We walked to the bus stop and took the bus up the hill. I had contractions on the bus and while walking up to triage. While in the elevator another pregnant woman and her partner were in the elevator and he said something stupid to her, "hahaha, I should spill this water and make it look like your water broke". I was having an intense contraction and wanted to punch him. What an idiot! Both my husband and I glared at him as they got out one floor below us.

Oh, I forgot! This whole time I was scheduled to have a c-section on April 30th. Let's not go in the details but even at the appointment, while having contractions and being WAY better dilated than last time my doctor and I determined that the baby had to come out again c-section. BLAH BLAH BLAH, you know all about MY body and VBAC. I am going to tell you people out there, this was how I decided to have this baby. Don't even ask me why I didn't try labor, this was something my doctor and I carefully discussed at each visit and had to really talk about the last one.

When I got to the check-in I was rushed to a room, made to put on a gown and immediately was being monitored both baby and contractions. They were strong! My husband was later told that they had never seen a lady labor like that with such intense contractions. I kinda closed my eyes, asked Hashem (G-d) for koach  and did some really intense breathing.

The anesthesiologist wanted to get the baby out before life got more complicated. We walked to operation bed and I sat on the bed. This time I got what was called a spinal block. I was a little scared to be honest but I had the care of two anesthesiologist to reassure and take care of me. I sat, bent forward and the worst contraction hit me. I said, "guys, this one HURTS!" Then I was told, "Great! Concentrate on the contraction while we put this huge needle in you" I did and bliss..... My legs started feeling numb the contraction pain was gone and I was being numbed for the c-section. Just because, I felt I had to I described everything I thought was happening. At some point it even tickled a little. Then it felt like a great tummy massage and soon I heard WHAH WHAH WHAH and looked over as someone was carrying a baby with a full set of hair, a big butt and a hairy back. Part of my birthing plan was to see the placenta. So, before they could do more shoving and tickling down there I said, "make sure you show me the placenta". My husband said, "don't worry, we aren't going to eat it". Then the doctor said, "some people do that".

As confusing as this sounds, this was the best birth ever. The first one was traumatizing because of what I had to go through but this was so peaceful and everyone was calm.

Here he is in all his glory! Our own Baby Peyos!

Baby Peyos at home! We love him and his long fingernails. More on the rest of my adventure coming soon..

Sunday, April 13, 2014

#30 Days of Biking: DO IT!

Salmoning on the sidewalk 5th Ave.
I did not sign up for the monthly 30 days of biking challenge just because you know, close to due date April 30th or Rosh Chodesh Iyar. So close, yet so far away! Also, to get a full 30 days I would need to bike after Shabbos and frankly I am not in the mood to go out at night. Without even trying I have managed to bike every day of April except for Shabbos so that's pretty good, my own version of 30 minus Shabbos days of biking.

Depending on how I have felt I have cut down some of my mileage and combined bike with train/bike. On Friday I combine my errands with bus and got to experience the joy of jerks on the bus. I hate smells and suddenly the bus smelled like smoke. I look back and three jerks sprawled across the back were smoking. Does this sound like a familiar scenario? Well, it also happened on the train. A group of jerks smoking on the light rail and a law student gets punched out for trying to defend a family with kids. I grabbed my daughter, made my way to the front of the bus and told the driver about the jerks. Well, this resulted in the driver kicking them off the bus but not before they threatened me and I threatened them with the POLICE. My daughter was terrified. One of the guys looked like he was making his way to the front of the bus and in one hand I had my phone dialing 9-1...and the other hand was pulling out a pair of scissors I had in my backpack for a craft project. Let me just say, these are really sharp scissors. Behind me was my daughter. Before I hit the last 1 the 3 A-holes got off the bus. Sadly, my kid was scared and nothing is worse than being called the "C" and "B" word. The "B" word doesn't bother me but What the Fuzzy! Calling me the "C" word just shows the level of respect of these men have for women.

The Broadway cycle track. Stuff we biked on.
I am convinced they thought they thought they were manly, not siting next to each other, sexually harassing a women who had to change seats and then threatening a pregnant lady with a kid. This was an isolated incident and yes, it makes me think twice about taking the bus but why do I have to be scared. I think what really POed me was the fact that nobody on the bus helped us except the driver. People just looked stupefied. So, I felt like a victim even though nothing happened to us and we were almost alone. Also, I had sharp scissors, please don't mess with me and my craft scissors. So, just to make my daughter feel better I think we will be cutting back on the bus portion and I will be biking more and combining it better with Light Rail or less weirdo bus routes. Although, the 9 has more professional and student riders than any of the other routes. Yes, this happened on the 9.

As you can see we saw some interesting sights. My photographer was kinda busy with helping me prepare for Passover so that means that we didn't take many pictures of our riding around looking kind wacko with the stuff we bought for our very short holiday, more on that to come! Still pregnant and biking, I am pretty surprised I have managed this.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Biking 9 Months Pregnant

The nesting has begun. I went up to shul to help my husband.
This also meant the bike dragged me up the hill with this load.
So, I made it month 9 and am still biking. Remember our trip to the birthing center and the related pain afterwards. So, After that point it seemed as if the baby has decided to slowly descend. I can feel it in the way I breath and the positioning of my stomach. It also means I can can sorta eat. While this is nice it also mean that I started to get swollen feet. Actually I blame myself. On Monday I stayed with my daughter at school and did some volunteer hours in the library. I guess I picked the wrong position to sit and gave myself those tamale feet. I did the only sensible thing and searched on YouTube for swollen pregnancy feet and saw some really swollen feet, worse than mine. That is what YouTube is for, to make you feel much better about your own human condition, hahaha.

I am also getting more tired. Pesach is two weeks away and we have cleaned half the house and have just the downstairs area to do. It shouldn't take a long time to get done but it will be work I am not really excited about. On WAY better news I bought our handmade shmura matza without drama or rain. It seems that every year I buy them something happens or worse, it rains when I buying them. I always feel if we have our matzah we are good. I mean, what else might run out? I don't like last minute.

On Tuesday my life took a turn of events. My morning begins with saying ModeAni, washing negel vasser and then a trip to the facilities. Well, from that trip I noticed something interesting, my mucus plug came out. Why is related to biking? Well, not too long ago this whole discussion of plugs and biking was on Family Biking page for us Seattle Biking Families. Several women expressed that they were told not to bike if they lost the plug. All I could think was how sad I was not to be able to bike. I called the doctor and talked to the triage nurse and she approved my biking without the plug. HORRAY!! Like always, their is a concern of falling or a car hitting me, which could happen regardless if I am on the bike or not. The other day I almost slipped down our stairs because I insisted on cleaning the wall. They were dirty and it was annoying me.
I love it when cars block the crosswalk and don't indicate where they are going!
So, here I am 9 months, biked yesterday and a sitting duck for this baby to make their way in the world. I tried hard to take a picture of us biking home from my OBGYN appointment but the weight of a kid, beer and groceries was a little more than I bargained for. I needed to hands on the bike. Instead you get the lady who decided to block the crosswalk. I love those people.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Biking to the Birthing Center

Last Sunday the whole family was suppose to bike to the birthing center (in reality it is the hospital with a birthing center) so we can all take a look and ask questions. I understood that kids under 10 were not allowed but didn't realize until a very late email that my kid would not be allowed on the tour. The email had in big letters, NO CHILDREN ALLOWED. Those are ugly words I don't like but then again my kid is pretty much behaved. So, I scrambled last minute to find a babysitter or at least a responsible person to come sit in my house and make sure my kid is safe and the house doesn't go anywhere. I would have asked the neighbors girls but the family had been going through some virus and my kid was afraid that the older girls might unknowingly have whatever the younger kids had. So, I called another girl to come and she brought our daughter's BFF which was easy enough because it was her sister. Mr. Peyos and I left the house without our kid. So it was like a date but not a date. I hate going anywhere without our kid. It is something I am not exactly used to.

This is us taking a break from biking because I was thirsty and I had to go to the bathroom but we were almost there so I wasn't worried. I was going to make it. My maternity belt was holding it all in. You can see a hint of Mr. Peyos in the picture. He put on his casual shoes.

Up and over through Judkins Park we go, lalalalala........

After biking north on 20th Ave. I like to turn on Columbia. I know you have to go uphill but I have that BionX right! I forgot I was riding with someone unassisted and on a Dutch bike, opps!
 More of me going uphill on Columbia. Why did I pick this street? You will see in a second.

 TADA! Can you see where I am headed. Right towards Swedish! Does it look flat. It does but their is a hill beyond those beautiful flowers at Seattle University.

We arrived and parked our bikes at these really nice bike racks. Since it was Sunday not many people were parked here. The tour was interesting. We had several other couples on the tour with us. We were apparently the only parents going through a second pregnancy. All the other mommies were 1st time and didn't have many questions to ask. We had some urgent questions. For example, does the facility have an alarm on the baby? Yup, we asked this. Turns out my husband took our daughter into the hallway corridor during her stay at birth and made all the alarms go off and resulted in security and the nurses yelling at him. We had no idea so this time we asked because that was enough trauma. The best part was at some point the nurse asked all the preggy ladies to sit down. What happened next some dumb husband sat in the most comfy chair instead of offering it to his partner. Idiot! All the other non-pregnant people stood.
As soon as we left the birthing center Apple Pie decided to wedge it's body on the left side of my body into my ribs. It hurt SO bad. I even asked Mr. Peyos to please please push the baby over. So, I took a few deep breaths and he pushed on the baby but that kid is related to us and is stubborn. I had to unstrap the maternity belt just for relief. For a second I thought I was having some pretty intense Braxton Hicks but it was just baby torturing me. We biking down the hill on a street parallel to Madison and ended up here. Look, no cars! It is Sunday, nobody goes anywhere on Sunday except this crazy lady on a bike. So, at least we got to bike with zero rain and it made for an enjoyable but painful bike ride home. Now that I am in the final countdown of month 9 we will see if I get to those 1000 miles I was hoping to accomplish before this baby debuts.