A Tale of the Other "Hood"

Central District "Hood"
Insert the beginning of the William Tell Overture

Just imagine the birds walking up, the water from Lake Washington glistening and all that nature. Once you have passed this point and you no longer have this spectacular view you have entered the Central District. Welcome!

By far a more dangerous place than the Rainier Valley. Daylight gun battles can happen any time. People are robbed at all hours of the day and people in cars don' t get the whole "bike crazies", that would be me. Yes, all of that happens too in my hood but somehow I am less aware of it. You see more people on bikes in the CD than in the Rainier Valley. Also, people on bikes look pretty normal and use a bell when passing, ring ring.

I had my share of scary stories. The worst was biking south on 19th Ave when we encounter some fool standing next to The Good Neighbor grocery store shouting for us to stop because he needed to "borrow" my cell phone. "Yo, I asked you nicely, now I am going to kill you!" At this point their was nothing to do but peddle faster and get the heck away.  We made it passed him and he couldn't outrun us because he was too stoned to know what walking straight meant.

I would characterize this neighborhood as a mix of dilapidated houses and people with their posh new homes. We changed our route while the weather permitted until Justin Ferrari was killed because he happen to be driving down Cherry and Martin Luther King and took a bullet from a gun battle. Martin Luther King used to be our route, not anymore.

Yes, this was a very horrible event perpetrated by evil people but that shouldn't stop anyone from biking anywhere. Even the scary hatchet murder shouldn't discourage biking. We should feel free to bike and not be afraid. If someone yells for you to stop, don't do it. If someone starts running after you, bike faster. Frankly, I ignore people unless they are also on a bike. It's always cool to meet people on bikes looking happy and having a good time.

Up next....It's raining, it's pouring, and how to keep those tootsie dry.


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