Bike Evolution and Upgrades

Once upon a time in 2007 I went to a chain bike shop, because I didn't know any better and said I wanted to purchase a bike. Now this was not my first bike purchase but the first one I ever purchased while living in Seattle. I wanted an internal hub because I was so enamored with them while living in Copenhagen during our first years of marriage. Everyone was zipping around with way cooler bikes. I had a Nishiki mountain bike but it worked and nobody stole it so I was semi happy with it.

Skip to 2007 and my final purchase of a 3 speed internal gear Fuji. Little did I know that this was a bad idea. Do you see that hill I am on? I hadn't even made it to Trader Joe's on Madison. The first year I rode to the 48 bus and had the bus do the work for me but then something happened. I had to make it home for Shabbos (the Jewish Sabbath). It was winter and candle lighting was at 4:05pm. I was leaving work early but Metro is a pain on Fridays. Ok, so I made food the night before. My kid was already home with a friend. All I had to do was get home. I biked fast down Martin Luther King and made it home in time to change, light candles and then pass out. 

After two years of heavy use and one full summer of having a Burley attached the hub started to smell like smoke. Nobody believed me. I went to Bike Works and they just looked at me puzzled. Then it felt like I was dragging something in that hub. 

Bike Upgrade and Trailer
I gave up in the summer of 2009, found a bike at 20/20Cycle and lived with that for two more years. This time the Burley broke. In December of 2011 I was leaving my house, Burley attached with kid inside. We get down our hill and both wheels pop out and the latch connected to the bike breaks in half. Ugg, as my daughter would say.  


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