Biking in the "Hood"

I bike around/through two hoods. One is the Rainier Valley and the other one is the Central District.

I do live in the hood. Why? As a married Orthodox Jewish woman I need services that other wonderfully bikE neighborhoods don't have. So I live in what is the Rainier Valley.

In my hood I have to find new routes in order to avoid being run over by cars. This is always fun and we learn so much about people and smells. The smells on the road are WAY better than the ones on the #7 bus. My daughter has learned what a certain smell is (you can only guess, now that it is legal) and we have experienced some scary situations, but those have really only happened in the other hood. Let's blame them.

Rainier Valley "Hood":
If you want to experience the colorfulness of living here read Rainier Valley Post. They do a good job.

We are missing bike infrastructure. Riding on the sidewalk is not safe so I have had to resort to finding back streets to get around. My route can only be characterized as "the crazy route". That's why it takes so long but no longer than a bus ride.

For a while we biked on the sidewalk on Martin Luther King. Then the worst happened. My husband was biking down, minding his own business and bam! An elderly lady driving out of the ACRS hits my him on his bike. So there he is all 6'4 of him lying on top of the hood of her car. My husband's eyeballs, beard and peyos plastered all over the window of her car. He could see her fear. What about his? Well, he has so much trust in Hashem. He managed to take his new taco bike (I love tacos and you are going to hear all about them) to the Mount Baker Station, park there and make it to his meeting at work. Later in the day I get a message at work, "Hi, I just got hit by a car, call you later." That was the message. He didn't say he was at work, in the hospital, bleeding and lying on the street. I thought the worst. I frantically call the reception at work and ask if he checked in. She says yes and said that he didn't look bloody. You see the mashul? Don't ride on the sidewalk fool. The fool part was more for me than you. I am not 6'4 so I would have been the taco, not the bike.

Wonderful torture hills!

Well, what DO we have here? The Chief Sealth Trail! Woopie, oooh, wahhh!  The Chief Sealth trail goes nowhere and it is hilly. If you want a workout go ahead.

See the workout. It is a very lovely trail along the power lines.

Biking on Lake Washington is too full of cars driving too fast. One time, in winter I biked home this way, trailer/kid in tow and it was the single most scary experience of my life. Yup, no street lamps. Sure we had lights but it was dark. No way Jose!

Wooh,more space to park!

Beacon Hill is starting to work on making better routes. Red Apple on Beacon Hill has some really great bike racks where people love to shove their shopping carts into. Thanks!

What could our "hood" use? How about more speed bumps and changing around those bike route circles. They don't work and are missing in some spots. If you are unlucky you will end up on some yucky street you don't want to be. How about ending up on Henderson in the middle of a gun battle. Nice!
I can only guess that those bike route circles were made by someone in a car. I want a flat road or a gentle slope, not hills just like in the Tour d' France.

Up next....A Tale of the Other "Hood"


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