.....but you only have one kid

When you are a religious Jew and you only have one kid people feel the need to make constant comments on this. Sometimes they are direct comments and other times they are indirect. Mainly it's other women. Mr. Peyos is always perplexed about this.

This never seems to happen with my friends who know me well. These are people with large families and without saying it they know how I feel deep down inside without having to communicate it. It's not that I wake up in the morning and go, oh great! I have one kid! I try to work on myself and what I can do to strengthen myself because after going to friends weddings and seeing them have kid after kid, it becomes harder. I hate to admit it, when I am niddiah it is like a truck hit me. I usually go through a day of crying following by a lot of hisbodidus.

I am very happy to have produced the one I have but something always makes me wonder, what if. I think this is what keeps me motivated to bike. Well, Hashem makes everyone' s body different and apparently mine has only produced one offspring.  So, I take advantage of this fact and am able to bike with my kid.

Okay, now that I have wiped away some tears let's get on with the rest of today's blog.

How does that really happen? Like the blog began I was physically incapable of towing myself. Then I worked up to towing a trailer and then to my final contraption. Let' s take a look at that.

On my bike I have a seat attachment. It's called a Bobike Junior. The seat is meant to fold down and with some adjustments the nice people at the Dutch Bike Company fitted it to my bike. I put lights on the back and black reflective tape I bought at 20/20 Cycle. The rack the bike seat sits on is heavy duty. When people blog or review racks they always say stuff like, "ohh, it carries lots of beer". Well, pretend my little cuddle muffin is 47 pounds of beer.

Light hitting the tape

Oh, but why a seat? Like I said before. I wanted to be mobile. While I will never be able to put this on the bike bus racks I can bike to light rail, get on the train and fit in an elevator.

Side note about about elevators: Not too long ago I read an article about the escalator in San Francisco. Well, human waste clogged up the escalator and they became non-functional. EWWW, gag! If you know anything about downtown and the homeless population and lack of toilet facilities (don't get me started on clocks too), you might guess that some of the elevators have that potential. Some smell inside and some I won't even get near (Pioneer Square and Westlake tie for this honor).  If I use an elevator it is usually the one at the International Station. This elevator is made of glass and you can see out or in. If you get stuck, has v'shalom, then at least you have light inside the elevator. From this point you can bike downtown. Even better, avoid the elevator and get off at SODO and bike to Krispy Kreme. I refer to this trip as "Bike for Donuts". These are the only kosher donuts around so don't tell me that I should bike so "such and such" place. The only other kosher donut I am going to get is at home.

Look, let me show you:

What happens if I ever am blessed with more kids? Well, I will have to become just as awesome as Emily Finch in Portland (ughhh, Portland again?). She has six kids and some of them look pretty chutzpadik. That ride can not be easy, but she does it.

Sure, I couldn't afford this set up even with one kid. I don't make enough gelt, hence the living without a bike for a while until we had the money.

It is always a good idea to work up to a goal.  If you don' t start one with a kid then start on just biking alone for groceries or small errands.

Up next...The tzinus police is going to get you..


  1. "Well, pretend my little cuddle muffin is 47 pounds of beer."
    I love your blog.
    Also, your donuts look amazing.
    Also, knowing both you and Emily, I can tell you you would get on like gangbusters.
    Also, I am so glad you are writing on the internet! Yay!

    -Davey Oil

  2. Davey Oil!!! We love you in our house. Your are famous here. Any time your family wants donuts we will make them.


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