It's raining, it's pouring and how to keep those tootsies dry.

Wow! What a depressing last blog. Sure, violence happens everywhere but without that protective layer of metal surrounding you a person becomes more aware. On a bike you are aware of the road, the bike and most of all the weather.

Look at that rain. The childhood me would be sticking my Barbies in there , wheee..
I live in Seattle right? It rains here all the time right? The truth is that while we do see our fair amount of rain it is possible to get around without getting wet. How is that possible? If you look back at all my bikes you will notice one thing they have in common, fenders. Fenders in the front and back. Those taco clad bicyclist would object. Woah, that adds a whole pound! So, you are really going to object when I start adding more "heavy" accessories. Gasp, is that a bell? Ding Ding.

Lets face it, you really need to keep those feet dry. Anything that seals out the wet and is slip proof is good. You don' t have to go out and buy a slew of hi tech gear. Save yourself the trouble, but if you are going to walk/bike then spend some money and do your research.

The guy with the peyos gets to bike in these. Sure they look fancy but I am a super shopper. Target sells some really nice rain boots sure to seal out rain. The more fashion forward in this house seem to get a pair of Hunters. No, I am not rich, only concerned about my feet. With the walking/biking lifestyle you tend to wear out shoes. Peyos man always wins the "most holes" contest. I will need to make a mental note to myself about taking a picture of "holy" shoes. Harhar, hehehe...

What about your body? Occasionally I will be forced to use a bike poncho. I bought it once and maybe have used it 5 times.  I biked to Ballard and bought it at Hub and Bepoke. It was not that pricey but as the Jewish Dane I live with has noticed, it is not meant for 6'4 man. I usually bike during daylight hours and we usually have a lot of evening/early morning rain. Some people go the route of buying rain pants and a jacket. A long time ago we used to wear this but then wore tzinus wear, requiring a skirt, instead of jeans. Without it I would accumulate a puddle on my skirt so this helps with that. I don't like plastic jackets because none of them breath right. At one point we tried a Shower Pass Jacket. Everyone ooohs, and awws about this and it didn't work for either of us.  Of course, if it comes from Portland than I MUST buy it.

Remember, I lived in Denmark. Nobody looked like a yellow fool biking. People just wore clothes.  I biked to class in a blizzard once. Ahhh, Copenhagen! The ideal bike city we all envy/love. We can only dream of a city like that. Stay dry folks!

Up next... but you only have one kid..


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