More Upgrades and Clown Bike

Our tale ended off with a broken trailer. The Burley was great while it lasted and we used it for everything. If you are committed to living without a car then get one already. The investment and customer service was fantastic. Alas, it was not made for schlepping a kid 20 miles a day, hauling large loads from Lowes, and buying three bags of very heavy groceries with a kid. You get my point!

What was next in our horizon? Unemployment. Yes, one of us got laid off and we were forced to use money for my next bike purchase into food, shelter and bus fair. By this point I had a ton of kale in our garden. I had only wished I had wisdom to grow other winter veggies I wouldn't have to spend lots of time checking for bugs.

Skip to June 2012. Hooray! My husband becomes a real employee again. With the first paycheck we used some of the money to buy a bike investment.

This is the birth of what I dub the Clown Bike. I am sure you are thinking I bought a Bakfiets, a Madsen, or a humongous trailer. No, I wanted something more practical and mobile. All those require a commitment. I wanted to be able to get on the train, light rail and be able to fit in an elevator.

That is a shower cap protecting the seat.
I bought a Work Cycle bike made in Holland and imported to the U.S., sold at the Dutch Bike Company. My bike has a Nuvinci Infinite hub and is complete with everything you need in order to bike and feel like a normal human being, rather than a spandex clad taco.

I added several essentials, including the seat to schlep my kid. So it probably looks freaky when I am on it. Hey, it's a bike with two heads!

This blog takes a Shabbos break. Good Shabbos everyone!

Up next, Biking in the "Hood".


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