The tzinus police is going to get you!

In Seward Park their is no minhag hamakom when it comes to tznius wear. Some women even go bare legged, as shocking as that might sound. Stockings don't have to be a certain color or have seems sown into them. There is so much variation in married women' s head covering. Some wear a sheitel, a tichel and (gasp) nothing at all! I am not going to go into the halachas or even the reasons why these women dress like this. Hey, that is between them and Hashem.

So, what do you wear when you are going to bike. I can tell you what I do because it's pretty practical and works. I have biked in all sorts of weather conditions. Remember the summer we reached record heat?  I biked in that just to get to the downtown library so we could cool off. It was so HOT that summer. I was sizzling and so was my passenger. Tisha B'Av was miserable.

First of all you should wear leggings. Don't go bare legged, it's a really bad idea.  A big gust of wind can go wooosh and lift up that skirt over your head. I like to find my leggings at Nordstrom Rack. You can find summer leggings which will keep you modest warm or cool depending on the temperature. I also like to find leggings rather than tights. If your tights get wet at the feet life, can be so squooshy and cold.  The temperature always dictates to me single leggings day or a leggings and tights day. So far we have made to through December with just leggings.

Next accessory, a good skirt. I have found in my biking experience that a pencil skirt is going to limit your mobility. I like to buy a skirt that will last a long time and go past my knees even when biking. I also like clothes that look normal once I am off my bike. Where to shop? I like Land's End. Several of my bike skirts have been purchased on sale from there.

Having lived in Copenhagen you see people in so many combination of skirts/tights. AHH, but Copenhagen is flat. Do you want to see Copenhagen fashion then look no further than Cycle Chic. Mikael Colville-Andersen likes to stalk cyclist and pop out and take picture of them. I can only imagine him hiding behind a bush and going, "aha!, click".

Example from Cycle Chic

I like this ladies outfit. She looks so happy and well dressed. I bet she could schlep a lot of potatoes.

Let's talk tops/sweaters. This is really up to your discretion. How hot do you get? If you heat up quickly then you might be comfortable with a light sweater and a vest. I wear tops with higher neck lines and sleeves. If you are more covered up in hotter temperatures you can actually feel cooler. Exposing all that skin is not going to help.

Ugh, snooze. I think I am starting to make myself sleepy. I will tell you I am not the most fashion forward or fanciest of dresser. I dress for the weather. I also dress so that I can keep my neshama intact rather than exposing every single body part to everyone.

Where to shop: Goodwill, Value Village, Nordstrom Rack, LOFT, Land's End. Try to find clothes that won't suddenly rip at the seems or make holes quickly. If you wear your tights long enough they will make the perfect imprint of your tush while sitting down. This is probably why people like to buy the bike pants/shorts.

7 miles in spandex
I my opinion, investing in tights is a much better idea than spandex. A while back I read an article in Momentum Magazine about a guy who biked 7 miles in his full bike regalia. WHY? It didn't even sound like a strenuous ride. This was the most annoying article to read. We still laugh about it even though it was written in 2010. Mike bikes seven miles with two good hills. Huh? Really? Why? Boo hoo, he bikes from  Ballard to Capital Hill. Please, that's nothing!

Really, this is not necessary. Stop torturing yourself, get a better seat and puts some pants on please.

Up next, You can't buy 2 cubic yards of compost on a bike


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