Welcome, let's bike!

Seattle by far is the most challenging place to bike. I took this 4 years ago and those hill are still not flatter.  No, I am not standing on a roof. I am in fact on a road, looking down at the 1-90 floating bridge.

During winter I only see those true die hard bicyclist out in the rain, cold or light snow. I'm out there too but riding with normal clothes. Yes, normal. What??? Even with all these hills and my desire to dress modest you will never find me in form fitting spandex. Ewwww, gross, stinky. You know, those things degrade to the point where the backside becomes a light nude. I had the horror of riding behind a tush one time, ugh.

Then the assumption is, "oh you don't bike far". Sorry bub, but I bike 10 miles to my destination and 10 back to my point of origin. What?!!

To top it off, I bike the 10 miles back  with 47 pounds of another human being. So, it must be an electric bike. Nope, the peddling is fueled by food. The other human is too tired to think about biking home. Usually they are munching on some nutty snack banned from school.

So, what's the point of another bike blog in Seattle?  To be honest, I don' t see any other women out there on a bike schlepping a kid. Sure, I would have liked to start a garden blog, but how can I when we already have Oak Park Hates Veggies.  I meet men on bikes with kids but I have yet to meet another lady to talk to. Occasionally we will meet someone but they look like they are not in the mood to talk. It could be their kid is also tired and cranky and in need of a nutty snack too.

Welcome, to No Spandex Required!

Up next....Bike Evolution and Upgrades


  1. Welcome to the blogging world! I found you thanks to the Seattle Bike Blog.

    I wear two hats. One is as executive director at the Bicycle Alliance of Washington, the statewide bike advocacy nonprofit headquartered in Seattle. We're putting up a page on our website that will list all the bike blogs in the state and you'll be on that.

    My other hat is a project I started a couple of years ago--a list of women's bike blogs around the world. I'll add you to that list too (www.womenbikeblogs.com). I do blog posts that round up all the blogs in a particular category and did one a while back on Seattle blogs: http://bikestylespokane.com/2012/07/01/westward-ho-the-blogspedition-visits-seattle/. You'll find several mommy bikers listed there. Check out Car Free Days, Family Ride, The Main Tank, and Totcycle.

    Happy biking and blogging!

    Barb Chamberlain

  2. Thank you for reading. Please post a link to my blog if it will help someone. Some of the other blogs you listed live up north and it would be great to see more people biking in the south end. Some people are under the impression that you need a lot of gear in order to get around. Clothes can be found at the Goodwill/Value Village and a good bike can be bought at Bike Works. In any case, that is a post for another time.

  3. Si que se requiere mucho talento para hacer tan creativa como lo demuestras en tu blog. Buimbium

  4. Hermosas fotos, pero no veo la de la mami


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