You can't buy 2 cubic yards of compost on a bike

I probably didn't mention before, we don't own a car. No, I am not a crazy environmentalist. We do a lot in our household because we have gone through several periods of unemployment. We grow a lot of our own food, bike and even save water in rain barrels. The rain barrel fandango deserves a separate post one day. Well, garden bike lady, how do you schlep lots of stuff? We happen to subscribe to a service called Zipcar. The car can be rented by the hour or even day. Gas is included and for a nominal fee you can get total collision insurance. This is not an ad for Zipcar by the way. Cars2Go has recently come to town but they are smart cars.

When we need LOTs of stuff or all those potatoes for Pesach we borrow a car and zip zip.

Having a bike has been helpful to stop and look at those hidden treasures in the city. You can' t notice details if you are stuck in a car. Just yesterday we came across the smallest Lego museum. It's a quick trip but then you can enjoy the rest of your day inside Half Price Books across the street. Get out there and walk, bike, or breath some fresh air!

Lego Museum

Up Next..Taking the Clown Bike on the Train


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