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Flew, fleww, flu?

No, I don't have the flu but instead something called lethargy. My nose is stuffy and I look at this misty rain with disgust. You bike in mist and you feel like you went into a cold sauna, yuck!

Because I somehow can't get my head out of a cloud you will be stuck today with a video. I know, it is exactly what a substitute teacher would do to pacify students. This is really informative and it might even help you become a Washington State consultant to grow you know what. This video is great and by someone who makes really good videos about gardening. AWESOME!

FRACK and Wine

What is the worst kind of blog? It's the mommy blog. If you read this for biking content, hold on a minute because I will get there soon.

What's a mommy blog? It is a place where moms vent about how much they hate their kids and wish they were secretly on a deserted island drinking a whole case of red wine. Hey, don't get me wrong but really? These are women who are ungrateful for their working partner and can't stand summer vacation, winter vacation, and anything with a "vacation" in it because it will mean that they will have to devote some major time interacting with their kid/kids.

So what, I have ONE kid and don't understand. You don't know what kids I had to parent before I had one of my own. During our breaks somehow I end up with tons of kids at my house. Not because my friends hate their kids but because we are going to have so much fun together rolling around outside or just a nice quiet moment taking turns sitting on the compost pile. I am…

Madmax Monday

I know, it's Tuesday but Madmax Tuesday doesn't sound so great.

Okay so I am not mad any more but last week stuff kept building that by Friday I was a bag of explosives I was about to turn green from the inside out and become the Incredible Hulk. I could already see that green person bursting through and throwing everything in sight.

By the time I hit the end of the day Friday I ended up driving a Zipcar metal machine. I was pissed off about not being able to enjoy a nice bike ride to pick up my kid. See me driving and taking a picture. Ugh, then then I ended up behind a speed demon with a dumb bumper sticker. Apparently they had the "out of my way" attitude just to skip three whole cars ahead. I am sure they shaved 5 seconds off their travel time. I am a safe driver. We live in Seattle with zero traffic. What you think is traffic here is nothing. I find driving downtown very provincial. Sorry, but I had a lot of experience driving in San Fran. in my youth and there …

Biking Viking or Viking Biking?

Like I said before, I am married to Mr. Peyos who happens to be part Viking. So, this would only mean our offspring would inherit this freak gene too. I get these mornings when I worry about what I am going to do with the kid I schlep on the back of my beer/potato schlepping machine.

Something happens in the house I call "The Event". Our kid goes to sleep early and then refuses to wake up. Then I freak out and think something is wrong because she feels warm. I take pity on her and she ends up with a home day she ultimately regrets because this Tiger Mommy is not letting her slack on homework. Two days later she is much taller. What happened! So, then I worry what am I going to do with her because soon she is going to wake up taller than me. I am not much taller than a hobbit.  At least that is how I feel when I am next to Mr. Peyos. If I want to stare directly in his face I have to go up a few steps on the stairs and make him stand at the bottom.

I know, tall women everywher…

Wack that those Weeds

It's Sunday and it's slightly raining. I am not doing blog maintenance today so go ahead and read some of what I think is my best. Read about cats and doping, read about my rage against a grumpy Metro driver, read my boring reason for starting this blog. It has none of the humor of my other post.

After you have had a few laughs at my expense go outside and take a few wacks out of that stupid weed called buttercup. The same one that will eventually give me a rash.

I will be outside in my garden tackling the weeds and will come in briefly when I find out someone's cat pooed in my yard, grrrrr!

Dr Who, ooh ooh woooh..

We survived the bus, biking in the rain and fear of getting rotovirus. Yeah, the radio was all about it. If you don't know what it is, you don't want to know what part of your body gets roto rootered.

Yeah, I love Dr. Who even before David Tennant came along. Tom Baker was my first Doctor.

I know you say no, you must catch up with Downton Abbey season 3. Spoiler Alert! I watched the WHOLE season before this blog started. So, in my world view, stop talking about it because they all hop in the TARDIS (It means: Time and Relative Dimension in Space) at the end of the season. No, really, I did watch the whole season.

In order to keep you entertained while you put your Shabbos meal together watch some videos of two creative/crazy people make a home TARDIS. Yes, Purim ideas.

Good Shabbos!

Clown Fashion for Bikes

Just the other day I did my weekly jaunt downtown which includes doing the mundane of buying postage so I can pay my bills and looked for "stuff" I need for later projects.

So, if you have been to Target you would have noticed the famous Target bike. Ding Ding Let's Ride a Bike! has some nice shots of this rig. Read her blog. She is awesome because she has a bell and a bike just like mine. Except mine is for hobbit sized people.

Kent put one together for a customer. Read all about it! Based on his assessment it sounds like the bike will be okay but not a long lasting investment. Heck, if this gets someone on a bike I approve. Hopefully the person who owns this bike doesn't hate it later. I remember times I wanted to throw my Trek into Lake Washington because I was so OVER having 3 gears.

So in order to ride you will need to accessorize.

Somehow the florescent hues have made a comeback big time. I managed to snap a photo before Target security tackled me. Look, if pe…

Capitol Hill Cats are Doping

Last week was big news for people who had their heads in the clouds this whole time about people on a pedestal. Yeah, I am talking about Lance Armstrong (yawn). I have no illusions about sports or people involved in sports. In 1996 Bjarne Riis won the Tour de France. It was big news for Denmark. Danes are proud of arduous sports such as curling, badminton and handball. So, Denmark had something extra new to be proud of.  I am not kidding. In 1996 I was standing at RĂ„dhuset in Copenhagen cheering his Tour de France win. I knew he was probably doping or on drugs. I have no illusions about sports. In 1998 newspapers were all the buzz about his doping. Then again, maybe it was the European media and the fine journalism of Ekstra Bladet. Bjarne really didn't admit to anything until 2007.

So, Lance Armstrong, you are WAY to late in the admission game. Bjarne from Herning beat you to it. What a humble guy right! So, if anything, you should have NEVER believed that Lance Armstrong was do…

@VeloBusDriver I have a bus question

So last week I experimented with posting every day. How did I do? Well, I have a few secrets including the fact that when I am on the bus/train I have a lot of downtime. At least it seems that way. Usually I look out in space, access the safety of taking out my mobile device and then start typing away if the coast is clear.

Back to my bus question.

I was curious if  VeloBusDriver could give me some insight into the phenomenon we experience when we get on this particular bus.

See, the picture is a true representation of how my kid sees the situation. We are happy at the back but if you notice the middle window people are really sad. This was drawn as part of my kids writing journal for school.

This particular route is mostly an articulated bus. If we are unlucky we end up on the bus of doom. The bus of doom is one of the new Hybrid buses and does not have that extra room the articulated buses have. So, we board and sit at the back with all those other hardworking people. When we get to…

Cycletrack Dreaming

I don't need much. I am pretty content with what I have with few exceptions. What I do dream about, or even drool about is the upcoming cycletrack on Broadway. The feeling of not having to worry about a car running you over is so exciting!

What's a cycletrack? Essentially it is a dedicated roadway for a bike. Cars should not be able to access this space and bicyclist can feel all free and giddy. Oh, you will see me with my giddy sign when this roadway opens but then again I am giddy most of the time. Blame it on all that California sun. Sometimes I smile for no apparent reason. It is a dead Californian sign. I do try to keep a farbisene face like the rest of Seattlites. (The best description is a scrunchy sour face)

Oh, but what to do while we look in wonder at all the construction on Broadway? Well, go out there and make your own cycletrack. This means don't bike next to the curb. You have to assert yourself and take some of the lane. You can even do the sneaky trick o…

It's Alive: I'm talking about the Burley

It's Sunday. We had a nice Shabbos I will name the "silent Shabbos". Basically, this meant I reserved my best/worst options to my brain and if I opened my mouth I asked my husband to stab me with a fork  so I don't regret saying anything I WILL regret. Don't worry, it's not abuse.
Sunday has turned out to be nice. I took the Burley out of storage loaded it with stuff to teach a garden class to my friends who were the only ones who showed up to the event. When you try to get Jews to show up to something you have to entice them with FOOD. Yeah, I said it. We have this love/hate relationship with it. First we are like, oy it's a fast day and then we are oy, it's Yom Tov. So, I am either obligated to eat something or nothing. That can really cause some major eating issues if you are not careful. So, I taught a class on how to grow food so there was nothing to eat, just dirt. Don't eat dirt.
I was glad to make use to the Burley because despite the fact…

Spandex is Allowed Here

Only because King 5 has a way of provoking me with awarding winning news.

Go ahead and watch the whole thing including an interview with the singers daughter. She is cute. My problem is that they forgot to turn up the volume on the bass, guitar and the drummer is not making use of the whole kit. Was this intentional? Was it to not to shock that Bubby sitting in the front. I know, it's shocking enough to witness the spandexy leopard print but come on, let them wail!  It's like the version you sing to a baby. If you are a young impressionable girl, look away! If you are a nanny and need to get your baby to sleep put this on a loop. I guarantee instant sleepy time.

So, while you are in your kitchen putting together the same cholent you say "it smells so bad", listen to this. FYI, the one thing that does smell bad is that jar of gefilte fish you plan to regift on Purim.

Good Shabbos!

The Thursday Twit

A long time ago before their was Twitter and Facebook I was chatting with people via my modem. You know, the olden times when you would use your dial up modem to call another person. Not so olden because we had electric pencil sharpeners.

I used to also geek out with an HTML book and learn code. I told you I'm old, even older than your kombucha mother.
Skip to now where everything is a button and if I want to do something I just "click". These days they hire people to the stuff we are too lazy to learn.

Most recently I wanted to expand my readership not just to my mother and my BFF. Hi, I love you!  Well, Mr. Peyos knows all about these new things in the universe so I have a Twitter account and learned all about bitly, which sounds really Israeli.

Don't eat the falafel in Haifa just in case you didn't know.

It is true. I have a lack of patience for things when I have more glamorous things like cleaning my bathroom and folding laundry.

You see lunch, I see a toliet

So, I am much in the style of the mother who raised me. Now, had she ridden a bike when we were younger then life would have been more awesome, but we needed a van. For a while, my mom was in the habit of schlepping along her offspring along with our cousins. Before the law could get us she would pack all 10 of us and take us to Santa Cruz to stare at the hippies on Pacific Ave. and shake our heads at the surfers by the beach. Sometimes we would bring along my grandmother who was more than willing to allow us to bury her almost completely in the sand except for her head. She would lie down, take a nap and wake up buried alive. Any opportunity she would allow us to play with her that granted her the ability to take a nap she was there.

Once we were done doing that my mom would take us for "ice cream" while the hippies stared at this 5 foot woman open the door of the van and we would all rush out screaming and jumping. So people saw a lady with ten kids. So, what you see is yo…

Eat some huevos

We are obsessed with old quotes from our haunts to different Trader Joe's and the one we ALWAYS seem to remember is the guy doing check out at Trader Joe's who has a need to say, "Don't forget to check your huevos dude". So, it's hard not to look at the roar of my breakfast eggs and think huevos.

This is one of those post you shouldn't read too much into but maybe you are wondering what fuels us on our bike rides. Our health advice is not for everyone.

A friend asked me what we eat during the week. I had to think long and hard about this. Our food choices vary from week to week.  Some weeks we work on our horse diet: oats, apples, cereal and milk (almond milk for the milky sensitive, meaning ME). Unlike Mr. Peyos who has Danish genes, I am less tolerant of drinking milk in it's rawest form. As a kid, my mother tried to imbue us with healthy eating or was it hippy eating.

Side story about Hippy Eating: 
As a kid we used to do our shopping for certain s…

Where is my Cheese?

It's been over a week and somehow I don't have oodles of offers for FREE cheese from (delivery service). Oh well, but somehow Hashem took pity on me and gave me ample fish options that are not sardines. So, my freezer is swimming in all sorts of fishy fishiness.

Side note about Looking the Bright Side of Life: You know, the English really enjoy singalongs. It is one of those things that is never going to go out of fashion. So, if life is on the dumps sing along to some edited PG Monty Python because I am pretty sure the original lyrics have some words you don't want your kid repeating unless they are outside with you dumping chicken (beep) into the compost bin.

To top my cheese woahs, our Shabbos guest canceled over some nonsense called the flu. So now we have a plethora of gefilte fish already made my neshama has no interest in eating during the week, go figure.

Still no cheese offers coming my way. I was even forced to go out and buy a five pound block myself, whaaa, boo…

Change is Good

I hate to admit, I like changing stuff around, including the look of my blog. So, I just want to apologize for the headache in advance to all those lovely people looking at this blog, including YOU Norway! No, hits from Denmark, oddly enough. Maybe I should talk about my in-laws there. Then again, NO!

So, thank you for understanding when you see 10 different formats of this blog on Sunday!

This is an actual true representative of what we look like by our kid. So when you go back and read all about Mr. Peyos being plastered all over an elderly woman's car you can just imagine the cartoon below.

Bike Taco

The official photographer for this blog has been in search of several opportunities to take pictures of examples. She is way more capable of taking pictures from her plush seat than me alone trying to balance my clownie bike. Sadly, I think we will only get a bike taco photo once the weather lets out and everyone and their grandma come out of the woodwork to bike all over the city. Don't you love that. People pick the time when they will get the most shvitzy to start biking.

Quiz Side Note: What about my vocabulary quiz? Oh, but Mr. Peyos is so busy and then when we have last minute events happen it affects the whole dynamic of our house. I like planning so when things go another way I pump my fist in the air and go, "why?", followed by dramatic music in my head. It's all in my head.

So what is this Bike Taco? Not to get confused with Taco Truck. Apparently Seattle Met has the need to tell us how to navigate Seattle's many taco trucks. Mexicans all over are laugh…

Lock Your Bike! (I'm talking to YOU with the blue Trek)

After school one day we made it to the downtown library. We did our regular rounds including the gift shop. I am a big supporter of shopping local, including the search for gefilte fish. By now they know we are going to buy a gift for someone. Don't rule out your gift buying at the library.

So we made our rounds, made sure our fines are below $15. This is new. If you have more than $15 in fees you are blocked from borrowing books. You are BANNED!

On our way out I tell my daughter that once we are outside we are going to do a treasure hunt. Oh she gets excited! It's not exactly what she thinks. We are going to hunt for unlocked bikes. Boring! Then again, she is always game and in her head she is calculating how many Squinkes she could get, since Target is just around the corner.

She wins the prize because she finds the easiest bike a potential robber could take. (Set to the music of Jaws, doooo do, doooo do) The pink hand is reaching out for your Trek. See, it's a U-lock …

When is Snowmageddon 2013 going to hit?

Cliff Mass, give me the weather report. Who is that? Well, it is my weather source. Usually he is right about what is going to happen but has admitted, it's not perfect. Then again, as we get closer to the "event" it looks less likely to happen. This always happens. My kid is dreaming of a snow day despite the fact we just got back from winter vacation. BTW, who has three day school week? It is a completely useless way to come back from a "winter break".

So, before you go out on your bike without a poncho take a look at King 5's weather radar and do your research. I know, it shows how the rain will move over our heads but it really doesn't say what kind of rain it is. Seattle has sprinkle rain, misty rain, cold hard rain, and the kind of rain that will soak your tights. It's pretty self explanatory. So this will be how I will categorize rain on this blog. Tuesday was misty rain, yuck. They all are yuck.

For the oh so paranoid who need to know if it …

The Quest for Gefilte Fish

With the whole Zipcar takeover I am going to have to buckle down and bike more. I get a gurgley sense that this takeover is not going to fair well for customers.

Since Hanukkah I have been really l.....a......z....y.  That is how I characterize the speed at which I ride these days. When the lady with the stripped socks passed me, then I knew something was wrong. Oh, I was tempted to take a picture of her stripped sock madness  but I was biking so slow behind her. I was like a turtle. She didn't even hear me when I mumbled to her, "get a bell". The wind makes me slightly deaf in one ear and saying, "on your left" does nothing for me. The only reason I knew something was behind me was because I could hear the crunch squeak of her chain. I should have mumbled, "put some lube on that thing".

Anyhooo, all those latkes set me back a few decades in bike speed. It could be age, I am not getting any younger. Oh, I think I see a wrinkle.

So, I have been on a q…

Sunday Review while we wait for our quiz

I know, I know. I promised a quiz. Well, it's not going to happen right now because Mr. Peyos went on some man trip with other manly men and I didn't wake up before he left for shul to ask him about it. So you are stuck with ME and all those mysterious words I insert here from time to time.

On Friday I was asked to substitute. I know, it sounds crazy because it was early Shabbos. So, I went just to be helpful and get paid. Last time I subbed I made significantly less than my Seattle Public Schools job. I loved working at the public Middle School I was at. If I love it so much, why am I not there? Well, in my second year I was going to be cut from the school budget and this gave me an ulcer.  I couldn't deal with all this up and downs. Tell me if I am going to have a job SPS!

So I biked there to my substitute job. I contemplated taking the bus then I remembered that it might get crazy in the afternoon and I wanted to make it home when I was done and get home with my kid.


Ice, Ice, baby...

Okay, I am not so tough. I have days when a certain bike fear creeps over me. Well, my fear comes from experience.

No, it's not fear of Ms. Metro Grumpy Pants. Although, we were about to board a bus she was driving and we decided to walk to another street to catch a different route. I could have taken her bus and plastered her sad face here (that is definitely my yetzer hara speaking), but NO we took another bus and enjoyed the afternoon.

So what is my fear? Ice! No, not that ice found in a cool glass of vodka, but ice on the ground.  What? So I was pretty brave until I slipped on ice going up a hill and then a second time going down a hill.

Uphill Slip
How could I have possibly slipped going up a hill? Well, it happened with the first Seattle bike incarnation. It was of those early Shabbos winter days and I was in a hurry. I was trying to get from Sam Smith Park up to 31st Ave. Right outside the park is a hill I can bike up if I get enough momentum. It's downhill on the sidewa…

Taking the Clown Bike on the Train

Like I said in my other post, I wanted to be more mobile. With anything longer than a normal bike you limit your options. My current clown bike is too heavy to be accommodated on the bus bike rack, but that's okay. What I do like is that I can take it on the train. I have been doing this for some time. I can easily bike to one of the Link Light Rail Stations and get on the train with it.

Now their are several problems with this scenario. As awesome as the light rail is, they forgot that it was going to have to accommodate people with luggage, bikes and Seahawks/Sounders fans. The bike situation requires that you know the sports schedules and peak hours of work/school commute. For the most part, I have avoided large crowds.

Sound Transit made these trains to accommodate a hanging bike. I have lots of problems with this hook. For one, the space is not truly dedicated for bikes. It is used on a first come first serve basis. So, if their is luggage there you have to stand with your b…