Bike Taco

The official photographer for this blog has been in search of several opportunities to take pictures of examples. She is way more capable of taking pictures from her plush seat than me alone trying to balance my clownie bike. Sadly, I think we will only get a bike taco photo once the weather lets out and everyone and their grandma come out of the woodwork to bike all over the city. Don't you love that. People pick the time when they will get the most shvitzy to start biking.

Quiz Side Note: What about my vocabulary quiz? Oh, but Mr. Peyos is so busy and then when we have last minute events happen it affects the whole dynamic of our house. I like planning so when things go another way I pump my fist in the air and go, "why?", followed by dramatic music in my head. It's all in my head.

Get your taco on!
So what is this Bike Taco? Not to get confused with Taco Truck. Apparently Seattle Met has the need to tell us how to navigate Seattle's many taco trucks. Mexicans all over are laughing at us. Mijo, those gringos will never learn. What's so hard about putting beans and whatever in a tortilla? Why do I need tripas when I can just plain out have kiske. Heck, I will even make the tortillas. Yonatan, I know where to get some kosher tacos. I feel slightly like a pusher, pushing tacos. (not made in a taco truck). Tienes que hablar español para comer tacos aquí. ja, ja, ja (that's me laughing in Spanish)

Back to the bike taco. It's the result of wearing spandex too tight and you end up with muffin top everywhere. Everywhere? Yes, everywhere. I have seen it. Neck, wrist, ankles. Don't pretend we aren't looking. It's hard not to. It's even harder to bike behind. It throws off my whole rhythm. This turtle bike rider has a rhythm.  I end up going woah, followed by inadvertently ringing my bell, ding ding. If you see me, ring your invisible bell and quickly swoosh past me at a high speed so I won't know what hit me. It will be like when the nurse says, "oh, I'm done giving you a shot". My bell finger has bike taco radar, be forewarned.

If my photographer get's done with her homework and stops eating her snack maybe she will come up with a picture.

Good Shabbos!

Up Next, Change is Good..


  1. This blog is phenomenal. Please write more every day.
    "Mr Peyos" sounds like a name for a religious Jew male model. And a cat.
    Your family is the coolest.
    That's my comment.

    Davey Oil

    1. You know, he sees YOU all the time. It like the who can spot Davey Oil contest in our house. I am glad my readership is not limited to South Korea and Norway.


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