Biking Viking or Viking Biking?

Like I said before, I am married to Mr. Peyos who happens to be part Viking. So, this would only mean our offspring would inherit this freak gene too. I get these mornings when I worry about what I am going to do with the kid I schlep on the back of my beer/potato schlepping machine.

Something happens in the house I call "The Event". Our kid goes to sleep early and then refuses to wake up. Then I freak out and think something is wrong because she feels warm. I take pity on her and she ends up with a home day she ultimately regrets because this Tiger Mommy is not letting her slack on homework. Two days later she is much taller. What happened! So, then I worry what am I going to do with her because soon she is going to wake up taller than me. I am not much taller than a hobbit.  At least that is how I feel when I am next to Mr. Peyos. If I want to stare directly in his face I have to go up a few steps on the stairs and make him stand at the bottom.

Indestructibles Option

I know, tall women everywhere are saying it's not fair that this shorty married a tall guy. Well, you want to know what's not fair? She outgrew a pair of Hunter boots faster than you can blink. All is well because we were so happy to pass those pink rain boots to a friend.

So, I have to start thinking options again. I don't want to give up my Clown Bike just because some kid just keeps growing. So, I think I might have to consider several options which would make her HAVE to peddle.

I get slightly POed when people say she should ride 10 miles home after a brain breaking day. This is when I want to shove that person out of their car, taking their car all while honking, "Sucker, now you bike ten miles home!"

The other day I met a lady in front of Trader Joe's with her two kids and she was getting ready to load her chicks into her Nihola Bike. We talked for longer than most people talk to me. It's a Danish bike so I was interested how she like it, how it handled but her kids were cold and wanted to GO! She was nice enough to tell me that she only rode in the Central District/Capitol Hill area. The most important part was, it's heavy. She moved from Palo Alto, CA to Seattle and was having some time adjusting to the hills.

So, I am stuck in my dilemma with the fact that I don't want to just buy another bike.  Decisions Decisions.


  1. Ooh, a Nihola in Seattle! I'm not so into trikes, but my kids ADORE the Nihola. We've only borrowed one in flat Portland and Solana Beach. And I admit, they are pretty fun.

    Have you though about a tandem bike as a future rig? I haven't done too much research yet since it's a ways off for us, but I figure that will be a future setup (tandem bike + Burley Piccolo trailer bike in my case). I know the Co-Motion Periscope available at Counterbalance Bikes is super nice, but any tandem can take a kidback to put the pedals up higher for a little one. Some have independent pedals so the kid isn't required to pedal. I've seen parents on stoker-less tandems on the way to pick up kids and have heard complaints that it's heavy to handle solo...but I figure they're not coming from a heavy Dutch bike (or cargo bike, in my case), forming this opinion. Unfortunately like any bike, a good quality tandem is going to cost a lot more than a cheap and crappy one.

    1. I have to say I miss my Redline & Burley. I killed the Burley but sometimes I wish I had that option. I was so fast on that rig. I am like a slow turtle now but faster than the bus. I have a feeling a trip to Portland is in our future because the bike I really want is a Bullit bike. That thing looks speedy.


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