Change is Good

I hate to admit, I like changing stuff around, including the look of my blog. So, I just want to apologize for the headache in advance to all those lovely people looking at this blog, including YOU Norway! No, hits from Denmark, oddly enough. Maybe I should talk about my in-laws there. Then again, NO!

So, thank you for understanding when you see 10 different formats of this blog on Sunday!

This is an actual true representative of what we look like by our kid. So when you go back and read all about Mr. Peyos being plastered all over an elderly woman's car you can just imagine the cartoon below.

Hello From Seattle!


  1. This is great art. Mr. Peyos is my favorite character in this drama. Although, I should probably say that it's the name I love so much. The artist/photographer is very business like and sort if intimidating. :) Thanks for a nice break in the tacos...fuuuuu neeeee. ;)

  2. Well, as you know he is really real. I don't like cats. The official photographer is pretty professional which includes taking a picture of a lady who had to practically run us over to get through to Washington Middle School. Lucky her, we followed her and snapped some candid photos of her car. will be sure to include them in a post soon.


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