Clown Fashion for Bikes

Just the other day I did my weekly jaunt downtown which includes doing the mundane of buying postage so I can pay my bills and looked for "stuff" I need for later projects.

So, if you have been to Target you would have noticed the famous Target bike. Ding Ding Let's Ride a Bike! has some nice shots of this rig. Read her blog. She is awesome because she has a bell and a bike just like mine. Except mine is for hobbit sized people.

Kent put one together for a customer. Read all about it! Based on his assessment it sounds like the bike will be okay but not a long lasting investment. Heck, if this gets someone on a bike I approve. Hopefully the person who owns this bike doesn't hate it later. I remember times I wanted to throw my Trek into Lake Washington because I was so OVER having 3 gears.

So in order to ride you will need to accessorize.

Somehow the florescent hues have made a comeback big time. I managed to snap a photo before Target security tackled me. Look, if people can have "flash mobs" in Target then I can take a picture. As you might have learned, I will take a picture anywhere. I know, I look stupid doing it too.

So, this trend of neon loveliness is nothing of what I experienced in my youth. See the girls on the right. They are what California girls were wearing. Totally Rad! Somehow they would be comfortable to ride in and you would increase your visibility by a ton. I am not going to regress into my teased hair days so I might settle on the newer hues at Target. These clothes have a softness to them. They would even make them appealing for me to wear while riding my bike. I like the brightness but how can I think Spring when it's cold. I had to wear double tights the other day.

Like everything I own I will probably not buy something from this collection out of fear I might drop spaghetti sauce all over them. Yah, I am a sloppy eater.


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