Cycletrack Dreaming

Those are trolly tracks all laid out, not the track itself.
Protected Barrier Bike Track
I don't need much. I am pretty content with what I have with few exceptions. What I do dream about, or even drool about is the upcoming cycletrack on Broadway. The feeling of not having to worry about a car running you over is so exciting!

What's a cycletrack? Essentially it is a dedicated roadway for a bike. Cars should not be able to access this space and bicyclist can feel all free and giddy. Oh, you will see me with my giddy sign when this roadway opens but then again I am giddy most of the time. Blame it on all that California sun. Sometimes I smile for no apparent reason. It is a dead Californian sign. I do try to keep a farbisene face like the rest of Seattlites. (The best description is a scrunchy sour face)

Oh, but what to do while we look in wonder at all the construction on Broadway? Well, go out there and make your own cycletrack. This means don't bike next to the curb. You have to assert yourself and take some of the lane. You can even do the sneaky trick of biking behind the downtown trolly train because no cars want to drive behind that thing. I know, the cars will hate you and people in their blue Prius will give you the middle finger but when you are on a bike it's all about visibility. You need the person in the metal machine to see you or else you will be a flat pancake unlike a cartoon.

I also am not advocating taking a can of white florescent pink paint and guerrilla painting Rainier Ave. Although, the thought is oh so tempting. Can you imagine me out there in the middle of the night with gang bangers oh Henderson staring at me. "Yo, hommie, waz shee duing?"

"Yo, I'm making a roadway for bike by shotings". I am sure that will go well and I will be the one put in jail and my hommie peeps will have a hard time laughing and holding their pants up at the same time.

Side story about holding up your pants:
Well, one day we are taking the bus and we ended up sitting in that seat that is in the accordion location of the bus. I'm bored so I ask my daughter if she sees anything interesting to sketch. Oh, I spy with my eye a photo. For one, nobody ever notices when we take pictures on the bus. People are WAY into their electronic doo to notice. So, like a ninja we take one, two, three, skip to 6 photos, even with flash of some wanna be gang banger talking into his PINK iphone while trying to hold his pants UP. Apparently, he has to hold up his pants even in the seated position. Photo opp is over and we start discussing LOUDLY which photo captures his charm and elegance. My daughter rationalizes that he must have stolen the phone, but I counter with, "he must like pink, hence the cover of the phone". My kid retorts with, "If he likes pink so much then why is his underwear not pink?". That is how we leave the conversation. Instead we focus our attention and telepathically transmit our thoughts about the guy sitting directly facing us. Me, "Wow, is his hair fluffy!"  My kid, "I think he is worried about us taking a picture of him".  By that time our telepathic conversation is over and we are getting off the bus.

Back to the cycletrack. I can' t seem to wrap my head around what this will mean for people getting off the bus and them being body slammed by a bike taco. I am a geek and looked at the city plans and understand that the stops will have islands but I have no doubt this bike path is going to be the new "danger"in Seattle. Soon, we will take all the attention away from the dumb people who cross the light rail tracks on Martin Luther King in illegal spots.

So if you are cycle curious look and dream at the designs for this on the Seattle Street car website. Brought to you by the same fine people who also made up South Lake Union Transit before they realized what in shorted form it meant and changed it.


  1. Caramba! Tu narracion de lo que viven tu y la nena en los autobuses, los trenes y las calles de Seattle, ya se podrian convertir en una serie de TV, El dibujo de la nena ilustra perfectamente el estado de animo de los pasajeros en su trayecto a su destino cotidiano. Los enlaces de la construccion son de sumo interes.Ojala que se logre ese gran proyecto y que ustedes puedan disfrutarlo.


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