Dr Who, ooh ooh woooh..

We survived the bus, biking in the rain and fear of getting rotovirus. Yeah, the radio was all about it. If you don't know what it is, you don't want to know what part of your body gets roto rootered.

Yeah, I love Dr. Who even before David Tennant came along. Tom Baker was my first Doctor.

I know you say no, you must catch up with Downton Abbey season 3. Spoiler Alert! I watched the WHOLE season before this blog started. So, in my world view, stop talking about it because they all hop in the TARDIS (It means: Time and Relative Dimension in Space) at the end of the season. No, really, I did watch the whole season.

In order to keep you entertained while you put your Shabbos meal together watch some videos of two creative/crazy people make a home TARDIS. Yes, Purim ideas.

Good Shabbos!



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