Eat some huevos

We are obsessed with old quotes from our haunts to different Trader Joe's and the one we ALWAYS seem to remember is the guy doing check out at Trader Joe's who has a need to say, "Don't forget to check your huevos dude". So, it's hard not to look at the roar of my breakfast eggs and think huevos.

This is one of those post you shouldn't read too much into but maybe you are wondering what fuels us on our bike rides. Our health advice is not for everyone.

A friend asked me what we eat during the week. I had to think long and hard about this. Our food choices vary from week to week.  Some weeks we work on our horse diet: oats, apples, cereal and milk (almond milk for the milky sensitive, meaning ME). Unlike Mr. Peyos who has Danish genes, I am less tolerant of drinking milk in it's rawest form. As a kid, my mother tried to imbue us with healthy eating or was it hippy eating.

Side story about Hippy Eating: 
As a kid we used to do our shopping for certain staples at a really hippy health food store (Remember, this is California). We would be taken in the store and let loose because this meant CANDY time! Oh, but you don't know what we thought what was candy. The store had these self service bins just like at PCC and we were allowed to pick one. Well, the one we always picked were the "chocolate chips". Humm, you might be suspicious of these hippy 'chocolate chips".  We would share less than 1/4 of a pound of these yummy treats. Well, it wasn't until I got older and wiser and had play dates away from home did I realize it was CAROB. How could she trick us!!! She also did this with ice cream. As a child, my intolerance for regular milk was worse and the doctor advised my mother to get me some goat milk and maybe yogurt. So, we ate frozen yogurt we thought it was real ice cream. My little sister doesn't remember any of this. She insist people get her name wrong and someone called her Hemp the other day. Well, now I understand. They could smell the hippy on her.

Back to our current eating. In the morning the two twins, Mr. Peyos and mini Peyos like to eat oats, raisins and milk. I'm talking about raw oats, not cooked! I know, we are not normal. Then again, the other day I came downstairs to find my kid and her BFF enjoying oats that way. When mini Peyos gets to that stage in life where she is looking for a shidduch (that means husband) the following will have to be in her questionnaire;

1. Will you sit down with me and eat raw oats, raisins and milk? 

It's weird we have NO toy bikes, just Princesses and Horses.

Okay, but what do I eat? I like to boil some eggs and put some really hot sauce on them. I then like to down a whole handful of almonds, followed by about 2 cups of coffee and a lot of tea. This pretty much last until I need a snack and I down a whole bag of baby carrots. I have this habit of making a lot of crunching sounds when eating. One day during a full staff meeting I was hungry and took out my carrots and started chewing. I guess the sound was enough for the big boss man to stop, look at me and laugh. I was SO sorry, "Sorry, Mr. H." Oh but I had all that liquid and I am going to go out riding on my bike. The bathroom situation will be a whole post on its own.

Can you see a pattern of foods we eat. I know, I didn't give the whole blown out list of our refrigerator but we eat stuff with protein and fiber. Oh, we LOVE fiber. It give a whole meaning to the after potty Bracha (We Jews thank G-d for everything. Even our bodily functions), if you know what I mean.


  1. :) There it is again, my new habit of smiling with my coffee while I read this. There is a real danger that I'm going to develop an addiction to this. So, crunchy,huh? Like granola? hummm.....People can smell hippie for sure. It smells like patchouli.

    1. Yeah, I so glad you, my mother and BB are reading this. Thanks!


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