Fuzzy Math

I would have to say my math education was rigorous and required a lot of memorization but that doesn't seem to be the trend these days, or at least in Washington. So, when our kid got to 1st Grade I figured we would be doing some real math but everything I get back in homework is this touchy feely math. When your kid comes home with work to do you expect it to be practice. Half the time I have to look at it and wonder how to retrain my brain so I understand how to explain this to my kid.

Look at that. Tell me what fuzzy strategy you used to solve? Well, I got in my tutu, danced around, made pie and put some plants in under my grow light to solve. None if this is going to get you into MIT honey. I am sure if a future child applied they could write all this down and those fine people there will go, "wow, genius!!"  So, in order to cope or deal with this situation I have made up my own imaginary math.  Besides this homework we got a whole page on reducing fractions.

Reducing fractions is hard to explain when your kid doesn't have their math facts memorized yet. We are working on that. Another example of weird homework is the messed up phonics books they use, made up by some dyslexic somebody. By the way, this awful book doesn't even use real linguistic terms. My husband sits down with our kids and does his own lesson for her. Soon our kid will have an M.A. in linguistics really soon.

Tuesday night I discover deep in my kids backpack 10 whole pages of English homework due THIS Friday. I know, it is Wednesday and Friday leaves TWO days to do ten pages. Why!!!  How would that now be possible but somehow me and my kid will stress about it and it will get done.

I am seriously NOT looking forward to 4th grade next year.


  1. The struggles of school/home. Your diligence will certainly pay off.


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