Ice, Ice, baby...

Okay, I am not so tough. I have days when a certain bike fear creeps over me. Well, my fear comes from experience.

Sure, I regret not biking this day. What ice?

No, it's not fear of Ms. Metro Grumpy Pants. Although, we were about to board a bus she was driving and we decided to walk to another street to catch a different route. I could have taken her bus and plastered her sad face here (that is definitely my yetzer hara speaking), but NO we took another bus and enjoyed the afternoon.

Ice going downhill

So what is my fear? Ice! No, not that ice found in a cool glass of vodka, but ice on the ground.  What? So I was pretty brave until I slipped on ice going up a hill and then a second time going down a hill.

Uphill Slip
How could I have possibly slipped going up a hill? Well, it happened with the first Seattle bike incarnation. It was of those early Shabbos winter days and I was in a hurry. I was trying to get from Sam Smith Park up to 31st Ave. Right outside the park is a hill I can bike up if I get enough momentum. It's downhill on the sidewalk and uphill. Here I go and woah!!! I didn' t see that black ice. In most places in the city it melted but here it retained it's form. The fall was not too horrible because I was on an uphill so I kinda fell sideways. Nothing broke so instead of wondering what happened I huffy puffed all the way home. Shabbos day I realized I had a huge bruise on the left side of my body. Nothing worse than limping to shul.

I have so many of these stickers.
Downhill Slip
I have to admit. I LOVE going downhill. It's so fun. Wheeeeee! Okay but this was not one of those times. I was again alone on the bike and was biking north on 42nd Ave near Genesse Park. I was about to go downhill with a car behind me and there I go slipping on ice again. Yeah well, Baruch Hashem nothing happened. What do I do once I realize the car behind might roll over me? I ninja roll myself out of the road and on to the curb. You know when kids love rolling down a grassy lawn? I kinda did this but with asphalt.  By this time my love affair with my Fuji was over and someone was going  down in this accident. Hey, I' m ALIVE!!!! The car behind me stopped and the person in the metal machine asked me if I was okay. I told them I was fine. They waved and all I remember from their car was one of those orange 3 feet bike stickers. So every time I go downhill in the winter I go slow or just walk down the hill with the bike. I'm a sissy, I know.

What is the mashul? Ice is scary.

Okay, Have a Good Shabbos or Shabbat Shalom!

Up next, Vocabulary Quiz Administered by Mr. Peyos....


  1. Ooh, I'm scared of ice, too! I slipped on the ice once--two years ago turning Wallingford's busiest corner, right in front of Archie McPhee, with oodles of car-bound witnesses. The kids were fine and only momentarily phased, but I'm still nervous and move incredibly slowly in cold conditions (but I haven't gone down since!).

    I'm enjoying your blog! I'm so glad Seattle Bike Blog tweeted about it :)

    1. So you were with your kids? My fear is that the weight of the bike falling on both of us will cause some damage to our legs. Did the bike go down flat? Thursday and Friday might be cold so let's see what our lovely will be. I have to admit, last week was beautiful bike weather, perfect!

    2. Yeah, we were on a city bike--kids in front and rear Bobike seats. My knee took the brunt of the fall: torn pants and scrape. The front kid got a tiny scrape on his nose somehow, but they were otherwise just fine.

      I don't have a lot of *real* weather experience in any sort of vehicle so last year during those two snowy days, I used the double trailer and my mountain bike and will probably do so again this year. I feel more stable on my cargo bike (Surly Big Dummy) than on my former city bike so I used it on slushy and icy days.

      Do you still use your trailer or has your daughter outgrown it? We have a cheapie trailer, but if I were to get a new one, I'm quite fond of the WIKE ones that can accommodate taller kids and are considered relatively affordable.

    3. Ohh, sounds painful. I am glad nobody was hurt to badly. I do still have the trailer but the arm and the latch that goes on the wheel broke. I put a lot of stress on that thing. My kid is too tall for the trailer. She is long and lanky and 12 inches closer to my height. I did feel more secure with her in the trailer. I wonder if Haulin Colin would build me a contraption to schlep her in. I will have to investigate.


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