It's Alive: I'm talking about the Burley

It's Sunday. We had a nice Shabbos I will name the "silent Shabbos". Basically, this meant I reserved my best/worst options to my brain and if I opened my mouth I asked my husband to stab me with a fork  so I don't regret saying anything I WILL regret. Don't worry, it's not abuse.

Sunday has turned out to be nice. I took the Burley out of storage loaded it with stuff to teach a garden class to my friends who were the only ones who showed up to the event. When you try to get Jews to show up to something you have to entice them with FOOD. Yeah, I said it. We have this love/hate relationship with it. First we are like, oy it's a fast day and then we are oy, it's Yom Tov. So, I am either obligated to eat something or nothing. That can really cause some major eating issues if you are not careful. So, I taught a class on how to grow food so there was nothing to eat, just dirt. Don't eat dirt.

I was glad to make use to the Burley because despite the fact that I have basically murdered the thing by schlepping all kinds of stuff in it including the time I loaded it with bags of compost, I was still able to load it will all my stuff to teach my garden class. So, here is the trailer I loaded and pushed down the hill to my house like a hobo. I am not making fun of homeless people. In fact, I have gotten my best schlepping techniques from some who hang out outside Safeway.

Thanks for making something that I can still use!

Again, I apologize to people seeing my blog today and all the different layouts I try to experiment with.


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