Lock Your Bike! (I'm talking to YOU with the blue Trek)

See, people will even steal your ugly seat
After school one day we made it to the downtown library. We did our regular rounds including the gift shop. I am a big supporter of shopping local, including the search for gefilte fish. By now they know we are going to buy a gift for someone. Don't rule out your gift buying at the library.

So we made our rounds, made sure our fines are below $15. This is new. If you have more than $15 in fees you are blocked from borrowing books. You are BANNED!

On our way out I tell my daughter that once we are outside we are going to do a treasure hunt. Oh she gets excited! It's not exactly what she thinks. We are going to hunt for unlocked bikes. Boring! Then again, she is always game and in her head she is calculating how many Squinkes she could get, since Target is just around the corner.

She wins the prize because she finds the easiest bike a potential robber could take. (Set to the music of Jaws, doooo do, doooo do) The pink hand is reaching out for your Trek. See, it's a U-lock and somehow they forgot to lock it. This has happened to me but it wasn't so obvious. Then again, taking my rig with the trailer would be a pain.

She also found the green bike:

Now, if your eight year old says to you. You could cut that lock with scissors, you know the lock is bad. After watching me patch a flat, take the wheel off the bike lickety split in the pouring rain my kid claims that in order to take a wheel you just flick the quick release, giggle (not to get confused with jiggle) a little and TADA! You have yourself a wheel. Now I am really taking about the front one. The back one is so easy but requires a little more effort, more giggling.

Here is my question. What do people do with these stolen wheels? Do they really get enough money at the pawn shop or is the resell value a lot?

After investing in "stuff" for my bike I can understand stealing certain items to resell on Craigslist. I was stupid enough to accidentaly leave a really crappy cell phone in a bike pannier and someone stole that.

What would be on my list as a thief? A Brooks Saddle. I hate to say, when you leave your lovie dovie bike out there you have to think like a thief. "Humm, would a rasha take this?"

IKEA Stool 1 Creative Chair Design: IKEAs Dalfred Stool with Brooks Saddle
Turn your Ikea Furniture into real tush comfort
At first glance people go, oy it's so hard. Why don't I get a nice sqooshy gel seat? Yuck! For one, with lots of riding, the seat molds to your tush with a Brooks! Yes, I said it. It leaves a wonderful comfy imprint. I wish all my furniture was a Brooks saddle.

Anything that can be taken off easily will be taken. Lights, bell, plastic flowers, panniers, just to name a few. Mr. Peyos claims nothing has ever been stolen off his bike in the USA.


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