Spandex is Allowed Here

Only because King 5 has a way of provoking me with awarding winning news.

In this case Spandex is Allowed

Go ahead and watch the whole thing including an interview with the singers daughter. She is cute. My problem is that they forgot to turn up the volume on the bass, guitar and the drummer is not making use of the whole kit. Was this intentional? Was it to not to shock that Bubby sitting in the front. I know, it's shocking enough to witness the spandexy leopard print but come on, let them wail!  It's like the version you sing to a baby. If you are a young impressionable girl, look away! If you are a nanny and need to get your baby to sleep put this on a loop. I guarantee instant sleepy time.

So, while you are in your kitchen putting together the same cholent you say "it smells so bad", listen to this. FYI, the one thing that does smell bad is that jar of gefilte fish you plan to regift on Purim.

Good Shabbos!


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