Sunday Review while we wait for our quiz

I know, I know. I promised a quiz. Well, it's not going to happen right now because Mr. Peyos went on some man trip with other manly men and I didn't wake up before he left for shul to ask him about it. So you are stuck with ME and all those mysterious words I insert here from time to time.

On Friday I was asked to substitute. I know, it sounds crazy because it was early Shabbos. So, I went just to be helpful and get paid. Last time I subbed I made significantly less than my Seattle Public Schools job. I loved working at the public Middle School I was at. If I love it so much, why am I not there? Well, in my second year I was going to be cut from the school budget and this gave me an ulcer.  I couldn't deal with all this up and downs. Tell me if I am going to have a job SPS!

So I biked there to my substitute job. I contemplated taking the bus then I remembered that it might get crazy in the afternoon and I wanted to make it home when I was done and get home with my kid.

So, I though, hey, let me bike my old "crazy bike way". I decided to revisit that slip and give you some pictures.

Here you go:

This is my starting point. At the end you can hardly see the round about (FYI, this does NOTHING to stop people from speeding down this hill), a garbage truck and Seattle City Light truck fixing some pole. Yeah, it looks little from this vantage point.

Here is the spot where I fell. You can just imagine me and my Fuji. I was walking and snapping these shots. I ain't no crazy lady. I can't handle biking down and hill and taking a picture.

Up Next,  The Quest for Gefilte Fish..


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