Taking the Clown Bike on the Train

Like I said in my other post, I wanted to be more mobile. With anything longer than a normal bike you limit your options. My current clown bike is too heavy to be accommodated on the bus bike rack, but that's okay. What I do like is that I can take it on the train. I have been doing this for some time. I can easily bike to one of the Link Light Rail Stations and get on the train with it.

Now their are several problems with this scenario. As awesome as the light rail is, they forgot that it was going to have to accommodate people with luggage, bikes and Seahawks/Sounders fans. The bike situation requires that you know the sports schedules and peak hours of work/school commute. For the most part, I have avoided large crowds.

I didn't have the bike this time. That red suitcase is in the spot the lady with the wheelchair should sit.  The people with the suitcase were unwilling to move for her.
Sound Transit made these trains to accommodate a hanging bike. I have lots of problems with this hook. For one, the space is not truly dedicated for bikes. It is used on a first come first serve basis. So, if their is luggage there you have to stand with your bike and make sure you can move so passengers can get on or off the train. Sure, I have no problem with this. Second, my bike is heavy. The whole set-up is much lighter than my trailer rig but because it is compacted into one bike I can't possibly lift it like my older bikes. Heck, one of my bikes is so light my kid can lift it.

So, I have to stand with the bike. So what, this doesn't bother me at all. I can take it on the train, that is well worth it to me.

Then comes the tale of the grumpy Metro Bus Driver. Wait a minute! I am on the train, that is Sound Transit. Metro and Sound Transit really have no authority over each other. So, one day I am on the train on the way back home with my kid and we are standing politely on the train out of the way. In walks a disgruntled Metro bus driver. Despite the fact that we are standing with the bike out of the way she starts to yell at me and my kid. Now, if I was alone I wouldn't care, but because she turned her wrath on an 8 year old in her cute pink coat I was mad. Well, this made me fume!

This lady goes on about how we are breaking the rules. I figured, I am just going to get off the train and wait for another one, but then my kid was scared of moving passed this women. I told her I could stand here with my bike. She insisted I hang the bike. I told her, it's not possible. She didn't get it. I dared her to lift the bike with her pudgy hands and arms. She went on and on. I knew she had no authority.

What does she do in the end. She shoves me and my kid to get off the train. NOBODY was on the train that day, she could have easily got out the other door. Nothing was blocking her. I thought, I will get out too and find security and report her as an insolent passenger.

We get off the train and it was empty on the platform. WHY?!!!! Whatever, let me calm down, get my kid on the bike and bike away. So we walk out of the platform. I am a BIG rule follower so I would never bike on the platform. I get down the street and think, heck let's just get back on the train. I did nothing wrong. She harassed ME! I paid my fare. I am a rule follower.

So we bike a little and get back on the train. I get home and immediately call Sound Transit to ask them nicely about the bike/train rules. I know there is a camera on everything these days so if they ever review that they will see this Metro driver shoving me.

Here are the rules:

1. Bikes are ALLOWED on the train.

2. You can bring the bike on the train in ANY door. Yes, that includes the one without the bike symbol.

3. If you get on the train and can't get your bike on the hook you must stand with it.

That was it. Sound Transit told me that I have to use common sense in every situation. I was told I broke NO rules! I complained about this Metro driver and was told that on the train she is considered another passenger.

So, this happened but I am still mad that this lady was mean to a kid doing nothing! We are considerate of other people but something in me said to her, "yell at these people". I learned a lesson and even got a chance to practice my "don't yell" skills.

This Metro driver is out there and she hates bikes, people and kids, but since she drives the bus she gets to experience the joy of waiting for all kinds of people to get on her bus.

Have a great day Grumpy Metro Driver!

Up next, Ice, Ice Baby.....


  1. This super sweet bus driver's blog is a good balm to my soul when I encounter grumps like that: http://www.nathanvass.com/the-view-from-nathans-bus.html


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