The Quest for Gefilte Fish

With the whole Zipcar takeover I am going to have to buckle down and bike more. I get a gurgley sense that this takeover is not going to fair well for customers.

Since Hanukkah I have been really l.....a......z....y.  That is how I characterize the speed at which I ride these days. When the lady with the stripped socks passed me, then I knew something was wrong. Oh, I was tempted to take a picture of her stripped sock madness  but I was biking so slow behind her. I was like a turtle. She didn't even hear me when I mumbled to her, "get a bell". The wind makes me slightly deaf in one ear and saying, "on your left" does nothing for me. The only reason I knew something was behind me was because I could hear the crunch squeak of her chain. I should have mumbled, "put some lube on that thing".

Anyhooo, all those latkes set me back a few decades in bike speed. It could be age, I am not getting any younger. Oh, I think I see a wrinkle.

A & B is Delicious!
So, I have been on a quest for Gefilte Fish. (Insert your favorite dramatic music. I will even sing along... do do do dooo, do do dooo..). If you are a Yid I know what you are about to say. Ohhh, get it delivered to you by (Delivery Service will not be mentioned unless they will give me FREE 5lb blocks of Munster cheese every week in exchange for advertising). I know, I am horrible.

The other place I could score some gefilte fish takes effort to get to, plus if I am going to bike anywhere I need to multitask. Alton Brown has so much to say about multitasking and I really need more motivation than that yummy frozen loaf. Oh yeah, the kind in the jar is no good. You might as well surrender and eat sardines the rest of your life.

As we call this in our house, "Old man fish"

Side story about sardines:
Not too long ago I was out getting our usual Shabbos fare at Trader Joe's and needed fish. Well, we have two options for fish these days since my gefilte fish is not getting any closer to my house. The first option is smoked salmon. Yikes, did you look at that price tag and the other option? Sardines. Okay, so I am standing in line and this old man standing right behind me peers into my basket and says, "you have a cat". It was like he was a detective and discovered my secret. I told him, "No, why do you ask?". He says, "Why did you buy so many sardines?". Yeah, well it was so delightful someone in line was talking to me I didn't care. There you go, my husband is really a cat. Now you all know. How did my cat manage to get a beard and peyos?

Watch the Itche Kadoozy
Back to my GF dilemma. The stores I can potentially buy GF are not multitask places.  Oh, but I am so picky about my gefilte fish. First of all, my daughter had the worst GF on the planet when she was a baby and after that refused to shove another piece into her mouth.  So, it has to be the frozen kind. If you know a place between Capitol Hill and the Rainer Valley where I can buy GF tell me now! No, I won't bike to Saar's.

In the meanwhile. Watch an entertaining video of a talking gefilte fish. Shout out to G-Fish. (Do do doo do doo, do do doo do doo.........)


  1. You. Are. A. ... HOOT! Thanks for posting.

  2. I also only like the frozen. I also feel the same about the price of smoked salmon. I never thought about sardines. I think I'll use it. oh, and G-fish deserves the shout out. Really fun reading.


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