The Thursday Twit

A long time ago before their was Twitter and Facebook I was chatting with people via my modem. You know, the olden times when you would use your dial up modem to call another person. Not so olden because we had electric pencil sharpeners.

I used to also geek out with an HTML book and learn code. I told you I'm old, even older than your kombucha mother.
Skip to now where everything is a button and if I want to do something I just "click". These days they hire people to the stuff we are too lazy to learn.

Most recently I wanted to expand my readership not just to my mother and my BFF. Hi, I love you!  Well, Mr. Peyos knows all about these new things in the universe so I have a Twitter account and learned all about bitly, which sounds really Israeli.

Falafel in Haifa

Don't eat the falafel in Haifa just in case you didn't know.

It is true. I have a lack of patience for things when I have more glamorous things like cleaning my bathroom and folding laundry.

I am on twitter in order to please the need to follow me. My twitter feed it's up there in the top left side of the page where nobody will see it unless you squint really hard and do a few jumping jacks. Now go! I'm too lazy to move it this week. So, I am asking you to subscribe either in my twitter feed or just plain out subscribe. Don't be shy. It doesn't cost money and I don't have in your face ads everywhere and the only time you will hear me talk about stuff is when my free cheese from (Delivery Service I will not name) comes rolling in.

So, follow me on twitter and besides posting the link to my latest and greatest I might even come up with a not so witty tweet. Better, I will make it offensive.

Follow Me

Next week I will do a treasure hunt to find my twitter icon on my page.

Peace out!


  1. Me entretiene mucho leer todo lo que publicas. quisiera tener mas tiempo para poder aprender mas de todo lo que descubres cada dia.


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