@VeloBusDriver I have a bus question

So last week I experimented with posting every day. How did I do? Well, I have a few secrets including the fact that when I am on the bus/train I have a lot of downtime. At least it seems that way. Usually I look out in space, access the safety of taking out my mobile device and then start typing away if the coast is clear.

Back to my bus question.

I was curious if  VeloBusDriver could give me some insight into the phenomenon we experience when we get on this particular bus.

See, the picture is a true representation of how my kid sees the situation. We are happy at the back but if you notice the middle window people are really sad. This was drawn as part of my kids writing journal for school.

This particular route is mostly an articulated bus. If we are unlucky we end up on the bus of doom. The bus of doom is one of the new Hybrid buses and does not have that extra room the articulated buses have. So, we board and sit at the back with all those other hardworking people. When we get to the next stop we start to pack in there like sardines or a clown car. This is where the problem comes in. At this point, the back, where we are sitting is full. Full as in people sitting and standing at the back. Nobody is taking up two seats and we are squooshed. The bus driver then usually announces that she wants more people to move into this area and won't drive until she is satisfied. Nobody fits there. By this time, there is no place for anyone to move. Instead of making this an Express bus it becomes the slow bus because at every stop she continues to let people on and then won't drive because someone is standing in a place she is not okay with. If we manage to get her bus, we ended up late for our transfer and late for school. We attempt to get on an earlier but but this only means we are not allowed to pass the doors of Mordor because the dragon won't let us in. (Meaning, we are at least 25 minutes EARLY, the rest is hard to explain)

My Questions:
What Metro rule says that if people are not allowed to stand anywhere but the back squooshy section? If that is the case why are people allowed to get on the bus?

Is it possible for Metro to make this morning commute bus an articulated one if so many people need to get on?

Is the driver allowed to stop the bus in between stops in order to make her Metro Rules/Regulation announcement? She does this many times for the whole route. It makes me wonder if she had some trauma where a person got stuck in a back door and now she wants to be super duper careful.

Last week it sounded like she got in a fight with someone at the front of the bus. We couldn't hear anything because the noise was muffled by the 15 people trying to stand in the back because they wanted to follow the rules.

Sometimes we have to take the bus, otherwise I could just bike to avoid this problem.

VeloBusDriver, your insight would be appreciated.


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