When is Snowmageddon 2013 going to hit?

Cliff Mass, give me the weather report. Who is that? Well, it is my weather source. Usually he is right about what is going to happen but has admitted, it's not perfect. Then again, as we get closer to the "event" it looks less likely to happen. This always happens. My kid is dreaming of a snow day despite the fact we just got back from winter vacation. BTW, who has three day school week? It is a completely useless way to come back from a "winter break".

So, before you go out on your bike without a poncho take a look at King 5's weather radar and do your research. I know, it shows how the rain will move over our heads but it really doesn't say what kind of rain it is. Seattle has sprinkle rain, misty rain, cold hard rain, and the kind of rain that will soak your tights. It's pretty self explanatory. So this will be how I will categorize rain on this blog. Tuesday was misty rain, yuck. They all are yuck.

For the oh so paranoid who need to know if it is snowing up there on Capitol Hill take a look at the City of Seattle's Traffic Camera. You can find out what the road looks like north south or even spot stalled buses. One Bus Away is a great app but doesn't seem to work during our extreme weather conditions. Yeah, I said it. EXTREME.

Take a look at this snow. In 2008 the Rainier Valley was completely abandoned and left to deal on their own. Bless the souls at PCC. They showed up and opened the store to service the community. Do you remember our garbage pile up?

2008 Snow
Oh no! You can't bike in that! Yes, you can. I don't think I tried to bike in this because it was so much more fun to walk in. Then we have those years that the executive decision is made that we WILL have school so we biked in 2010.

Snow 2010
Look at that. Trailer in tow down Rainier Ave on the sidewalk. I told you to not ride on the sidewalk but in this case it was okay. Sure, we made it to our school destination only for school to be canceled two hours into it. This is always my fear. We get to school, it starts snowing and school is canceled. The buses don't work on the slip and slide road and cars are even worse. The City of Seattle ALWAYS  tells people to ride the bus when we get weather like this and you ended up waiting longer than the time it could take to walk to your destination. Don't take the bus, just bike. Oh, and the Light Rail works fine when it snows.

Up Next, Lock Your Bike! (I'm talking to YOU with the blue Trek)..


  1. Don't forget to call when snowmaggedon strikes.

  2. If you are in Seattle you know by the total city freak out. Then you can look on YouTube for videos of buses sliding down hills set to the Benny Hill theme music.


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