Where is my Cheese?

It's been over a week and somehow I don't have oodles of offers for FREE cheese from (delivery service). Oh well, but somehow Hashem took pity on me and gave me ample fish options that are not sardines. So, my freezer is swimming in all sorts of fishy fishiness.

Side note about Looking the Bright Side of Life: You know, the English really enjoy singalongs. It is one of those things that is never going to go out of fashion. So, if life is on the dumps sing along to some edited PG Monty Python because I am pretty sure the original lyrics have some words you don't want your kid repeating unless they are outside with you dumping chicken (beep) into the compost bin.


To top my cheese woahs, our Shabbos guest canceled over some nonsense called the flu. So now we have a plethora of gefilte fish already made my neshama has no interest in eating during the week, go figure.

Still no cheese offers coming my way. I was even forced to go out and buy a five pound block myself, whaaa, boo hoo. (Delivery Service I won't name, send me some queso!) Whatever!

FYI, the same place selling this cheese was also selling frozen gefilte fish at the price of a bazillion dollars a pound. Then again this was in the "whitest" part of town. Look, I live in the Rainier Valley where everything is interesting and has a smell. Somehow the North End where I bought this cheese smells like nothing and doesn't peak my interest. We lived one year there where the Burke Gilman trail is king. If I lived in the North End I would have nothing to ponder about except for the fact I don't smell anything. ¡Nada!

Now, for the shocker! Look at the price tag on that 5lb block. Oh, it must be surprising to my non kosher readers. Yes, that is what we pay for the price of cheesy yumness although I have to rate this brand of cheese as nothing more than a block of rubbery cheese stuff.

I should have followed my gut and waited until Mr. Peyos could get me some from the brand called Natural and Kosher. Look, I am not being paid to praise anything.

So, we are starting our week with new adventures and something new to talk about.

Happy Monday!


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