You see lunch, I see a toliet

So, I am much in the style of the mother who raised me. Now, had she ridden a bike when we were younger then life would have been more awesome, but we needed a van. For a while, my mom was in the habit of schlepping along her offspring along with our cousins. Before the law could get us she would pack all 10 of us and take us to Santa Cruz to stare at the hippies on Pacific Ave. and shake our heads at the surfers by the beach. Sometimes we would bring along my grandmother who was more than willing to allow us to bury her almost completely in the sand except for her head. She would lie down, take a nap and wake up buried alive. Any opportunity she would allow us to play with her that granted her the ability to take a nap she was there.

Once we were done doing that my mom would take us for "ice cream" while the hippies stared at this 5 foot woman open the door of the van and we would all rush out screaming and jumping. So people saw a lady with ten kids. So, what you see is your perception.

The other day I was walking past my favorite bus stop. The route I name the gift to the bus drivers union. I saw a lady pass me and wave to a far window where people were gleefully enjoying lunch. It was pretty shocking the person smiled and waved back. I checked out the name of the lunch venue and started to get confused. Wait, is that a toilet on the front of a bicycle? Oh no! It's a bakfiets toilet. I also confused because of the name of this fine eatery. Does that say poo bike? I don't know. I am not a linguist, only married to one. The linguist told me it's not poo but pronounced "fuhh" and it's soup.

So Davey Oil, this toilet bike is for you or at least a response to your potty training toilet. Happy Wednesday!


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