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Fuzzy Math

I would have to say my math education was rigorous and required a lot of memorization but that doesn't seem to be the trend these days, or at least in Washington. So, when our kid got to 1st Grade I figured we would be doing some real math but everything I get back in homework is this touchy feely math. When your kid comes home with work to do you expect it to be practice. Half the time I have to look at it and wonder how to retrain my brain so I understand how to explain this to my kid.

Look at that. Tell me what fuzzy strategy you used to solve? Well, I got in my tutu, danced around, made pie and put some plants in under my grow light to solve. None if this is going to get you into MIT honey. I am sure if a future child applied they could write all this down and those fine people there will go, "wow, genius!!"  So, in order to cope or deal with this situation I have made up my own imaginary math.  Besides this homework we got a whole page on reducing fractions.


Purim, Purim, Purim, Moooooo!

Honestly, I don't leave my house and think, "wow, today is going to be a blog worthy day!" Most of my mind thingies are a result of years of accumulated craziness.

This Purim was meant to be epic, without trying. Our starting point was Shabbos. The Shabbos before Purim it is customary to hear Parshas Zachor. This week was my week to help with kiddish set up so I was worried I would miss it but the minute we stepped into shul someone said to me and my daughter, "hurry up, they are about to start". We go up and listen, check. Help kiddish set up, check. Make our way to where my husband davens and got to hear Parshas Zachor two more times. Three times, without even trying.

Shabbos Ends and Purim Begins:
The evening megillah reading went smoothly despite the two kids crawling on the floor. You would think that was obnoxious but I was so intent on listening and impressed that my 8 year old was following along the whole time I didn't care. One of the kids was rea…

Kombucha for All, no just for me.

I knew this week was going to be difficult blogging. Thursday was a fast day and I had errands to run so by the end of the day I had a massive headach. I was glad a friend was able to pick up my kid from school and bring her to the house. 

While I waited and cleaned the house I decided to bottle my kombucha. On Sunday Mr. Peyos and his friend brought over their carboy full of beer in order to bottle. Too bad it won't be ready in time for Purim. As you can see from the picture it is a cool glass container for fermented goodness. This was a good experience for me. As much as they splashed stuff all over my floor and I ended up having to wash lots of towels afterwards, I learned a lot about sterilizing bottles and capping them. 

Mr. Peyos was nice enough to buy me these beautiful blue bottles so that the beer he made and my kombucha don't get mixed up. 

Here is how the process works. First, I used the basic recipe from Sandor Katz's book Wild Fermentation. I found so many YouTub…

Ride on the Sidewalk?

Some time ago I said that sidewalk biking was dangerous. Well, it is for the most part but their are instances when the sidewalk is not all that evil. After Mr. Peyos got ran over once we try not to bike in certain areas, namely Martin Luther King south of Dearborn.

Now, occasionally some sidewalks are hardly ever touched by feet. People do walk in the Rainier Valley hood but usually people come out when the sun is shining and it is "warmer" or to rob you of your iphone.

I used to have one of those handy City of Seattle Bike Maps in my basket, but after years of learning the lazy routes up to Capitol Hill and back I realize I don't need it much.

So, in order to be informative and show you that it is more practical to bike, here is how to get up to Capitol Hill using sidewalks as my private cycle track.

Here is where my journey begins. This is riding north on Martin Luther King. To my left is Lowes and an Amazon building. For the most part it is safe, no cars come in or o…

Anniversary Wrap

Thursday I was motivated to visit Mr. Peyos at work.
First I had to return some library books and had to smoosh my bike next to a plant because this metal machine was in my way. What a jerk. I know the Columbia City library has very few parking spaces but seriously this is rude. So after this and a post office stop I made my way to my ultra favorite cycle track downtown. Where? I like to call this mySouth Lake Union Transit Track. Oh, but you say the train is going to run me over. Okay okay, I actually like to bike behind the train. Yes, even slow poke me can keep up with it. The other nice fact is that people who drive metal machines HATE driving behind it. So this means I have a clear road  for me. Now, if you are going to do this you HAVE to take the road. You can't ride off to the side because as you may not realize, a bike wheel can get stuck in the train track and
that is not pretty. At some point I suspected the S.L.U.T driver realized what I was doing and forged faster th…

Friday Grow Light

Happy Friday! I had an amazing anniversary where I biked to Krispy Kreme, bought 3 dozen pink sprinkle donuts and then personally delivered them to all the women and the 3 men in my husband's department so they don't hate him.

I loved all the stares I got from people while I biked down 1st Ave with the Krispy Kreme goodness strapped to the top of my basket. I had a couple people look even drool. One person laughed and said, "ohh, donuts!"

On to new things. I looked under my grow light this morning to see little seedlings peeking through the pots I like to have people smell and then tell them that it was made out of COW Poop! Smell, smell it! As you can clearly see, I am growing peppers in this tray.

Happy Anniversary Mr. Peyos!

Yes, today marks 16 years of legally binding marriage. We did not get married on Feb. 14th on purpose. It was actually a day that the Frederiksberg Commune had a day opened for us. We got married on a cold snowy day in a part of Copenhagen called Frederiksberg. I am not sure if we biked there, it was so long ago.

I met Mr. Peyos when I was 19 and slightly lost in a train station in Berlin. We got married not too long  after that.

Mr Peyos preplanned in order to mark our anniversary Mr. Peyos brought home on Monday a hermetically sealed jug of beer he was brewing with two other dudes and stuck it in our very cold closet.

On the day we are to mark our day Mr. Peyos is going to bottle the beer and we will drink it. If we get a sitter maybe we will even ride our bike around and deliver the bottles to one of the other brew dudes.

Happy 16 Years of Bliss!

I-90 I will bike over you for FREE

Sometimes I forget where I live. We came from the land of the hippy and now we live in conservative uptight land. Now, I am sure you are saying that Seattle is totally groovy but it really isn't and I attribute it to the fact that people lack sun. If you get on a bike you get probably more sun than those people in the metal machines.

Most recently I taught a gardening class. I taught how to start seedlings for your spring garden. The class was given at one of the synagogues and I briefly mentioned my class to friends. That is who showed up, friends. I think that the advertising for the event was fair. What was the best part, it was FREE. I didn't even charge the shul for the supplies. How could people not want to show up? Two people I didn't know showed up, but the other 4 people were my friends, people I knew. These were people with huge families who left their kindlach for a little to learn about gardening in the Pacific Northwest. Then again you can't get Jews to d…