Anniversary Wrap

Thursday I was motivated to visit Mr. Peyos at work.

Fluffer Nut YOU Metal Machine!
First I had to return some library books and had to smoosh my bike next to a plant because this metal machine was in my way. What a jerk. I know the Columbia City library has very few parking spaces but seriously this is rude.

So after this and a post office stop I made my way to my ultra favorite cycle track downtown. Where? I like to call this my South Lake Union Transit Track. Oh, but you say the train is going to run me over. Okay okay, I actually like to bike behind the train. Yes, even slow poke me can keep up with it. The other nice fact is that people who drive metal machines HATE driving behind it. So this means I have a clear road  for me. Now, if you are going to do this you HAVE to take the road. You can't ride off to the side because as you may not realize, a bike wheel can get stuck in the train track and
that is not pretty.
At some point I suspected the S.L.U.T driver realized what I was doing and forged faster than ever. Don't worry, my Krispy Kremes were well secured by my scarf. I got a few ohhs and awws because I had donuts. This is something that never happens when I have lots of groceries and a kid. Donuts are always more impressive. Yes, I am stopped at the light and I did NOT go through it!
Once I arrived to the Amazonian hub I found Mr. Peyos. I thought I was going to have to park my bike here but he had something more luxurious in mind. I like these racks. This makes more sense.
Mr Peyos led me into the employee bike parking. This is only accessed by other employees so like the bike space hogs we are, Mr Peyos and I took up bike space for 8 bikes. Like the Olsen twins would say in Full House, "How woude!!" It's okay, nobody was parked down there. I spotted this bike in the space near us. Ugg, it looks heavy! Even with the electric assist it looks heavy. Too bad I didn't spot an electrical outlet to charge the battery. That would have made this secured bike parking extra awesome.
The rest of the trip required me to hand over my ID so I can pass through the wonky security system. The guard always makes me nervous.
Here we are in the elevator. 
Now here is where he works. Don't you love all the desk? I have no idea how they pack so many people in that space.

The nerds were all too excited to get pink sprinkle donuts. One woman was stuffed because her boyfriend gave her a meat platter for that holiday that also happened to fall on Febrary 14th. Nothing says I love you like meat platter.

Okie dokie, and that's how two weirdos without a car celebrate 16 years of marriage.


  1. Funny about the meat platter. An odd choice, I have to say. I do think I'd appreciate that more than one of the stuffed bears and fake flowers. NOT my thing for any occasion. Never has been. I'm far too practical. This was an adventure to get Krispy Kreme and bike through town. Probably many many people oooohhhhhh and aaaaahhhhhhhh when you are toting a kid and groceries, but we are in our metal machines when we do it. I've done it. I'm impressed for sure. What koach. May you and Mr Peyos see many many more years of marital bliss. :) Happy Anniversary.

  2. Poco a poco le estoy aggarrando el hilo a esto del "blogeo", finalmente pude ver hoy las fotos de tu odisea al trabajo del Sr. Peyos, me encanta su seudonimo. Espero con ansias a leer y ver todas las fotos y tus narraciones de lo que ves en tus viajes por vicicleta. Me hace sentir mas cerca de las personas que mas quiero en Seattle.


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