Bike Pool

I hate carpool time. I am so glad I am on my bike. This is my time when I stand and type half this out. I have all those "brain thingies" to get out. (Madagascar, that is where I got that from. Don't you love the stupidity of King Julian?)

It's a simple task. Once she sees me we can make our way away from the school.

Then we get on our main road away and here is where I have problems. It's like a mad rush to get away from the school. You would think a tsunami was rushing behind us by the way some parents drive out of there. All I ask is to be careful. Yes, we are also trying to get home but look at us, we are on a bike. I can't go any freaking faster than that. I love the school bus drivers. They always honk and wave to us and I Iike the fact they don't kill us. The best part is when we get to a red light with the bus on my left and. I ding the bell a ton of times and then begins the mad rush by all the kids to wave hello. Depending on the driver, they sometimes open the door to wave too.

Missed Connection: BTW, has anyone else seen the guy biking around with a saw? He has a long saw and bikes with saw tips down. He places it on the tube that goes right between his legs. Yeah, sounds dangerous!

What is worse than a school day mad rush? Early Shabbos mad rush. Whaaaaaaa, get outta my way. I got to get home. We all have to get home, oy. If you are not on a bike and carrying a kid on the verge of a hissy fit then it would be hard to comprehend in your metal machine that the road is not all flat. Take a hard look, it's a hill.

I really want to do something about those cars that seem to get too close to me in their mad rush. I always think maybe I should make some contraption that sticks out from my bike. Something with spikes. Better yet, something with fire. No, fire is too scary. How about spikes. I KNOW, I said that already. How about I stick my old fencing sword off the side of my bike with a giant spikes. Enough with the spikes!

I hate to admit, our walk/biking lifestyle  is why my kid has few friends we can take on walking adventures. She has ONE friend we can take on these adventures and she won't even blink and eye when we tell her we have to walk. On one occasional we tried to initiate a new friend into this thing called walking and honestly I thought the kid was going to plotz by the end of the day.

I can't multitask like those people I see in the metal machine talking or, gasp, texting on their phone. I see you. I hate to say that my daughter has taken to making the motion of talking on a phone and putting it down all while mouthing, "put the phone down!". It's a really bad habit of mine she has adopted.

Oh, listen to this: "Instead doing Google I'm busy making kugel...oh oh, can you hang up the phone?"

Yeah, all the other mommies are cozy in their metal machines and I am standing and waiting. The best part is when a parent runs over the traffic cone. I'm sorry I have no picture of that because I was too busy laughing.

My daughter used to think it was funny she was in the bike pool. Now it's just a fact of life. Sometimes I feel bad I can' t help someone out by bringing them home but then I look at the cars and see that if some of those people put 2 and 2 together they wouldn't have to schlep that van all the way just to pick up ONE kid. They could really do something called carpool. Ahh, but let's be happy so many other people figured out to carpool.


  1. El video esta estupendo, I just love it!!!


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