Brassica and Brine Goes for a Bike Ride

So their is a mitzva to have guest. This mitzva is called hachnasas orchim. Just like everything this one is tricky. So simply inviting your friends over is not going to get you some mitzva points in shmayim.

So, there is a right and wrong way to do this mitzva. You have to welcome the person into your house by having eat at your table  as you would have anyone else in your family.

On Thursday we had a special guest arrived at our house. Yes, I got a package from Brassica and Brine! I know, it's not human but wouldn't this qualify as a guest? I am going to say that this would not qualify as a guest per say but on Shabbos I looked at these jars and put one on table and opened up a jar of fermented goodness. I realized I won't be able to resist the temptation of keeping these until Purim when I am obligated to give misloach manot. I realized that I better take our guest on a tour of Seattle before I eat them. Classic said they were not interested in the SuperBowl so we went for a tour.  Later, I will get into this Purim mitzva because it does present a bike challenge. 

So, first thing first, bike safety. Now my lovie dovie fermented goods are in a glass jar. So, I had to decide how to transport my friend. So Classic got a front seat in the basket of my bike and watermelon helmet to match.

Mr. Peyos was nice enough to go with me on this bike ride. As proof I took a picture of him WAY up in front of me. He has these long legs and my hobbit body can't keep up. See. He is waiting at the light.

When we finally made it up to Capitol Hill I wanted to bike down to Half Price Books. The weather was perfect. It wasn't raining. I don't understand why more people were not out on their bike too.  We even had to shed a few layers because things were getting sweaty.

We took the obligatory photo with the Space Needle. Oy, my camera was running out of battery so here you go, bad photography. Classic with the Space Needle.

Next, the reason Mr. Peyos indulged me, our pit stop to Half Price Books. Classic got bored so we went to some sections that might be of interest. Classic can't read so we looked at this book. Then Classic wanted to peruse the Vegan cooking section.

There you go, Classic taking a browse at all the vegan books. Once we were done Mr. Peyos and I biked down Olive to catch the train home. We waited while I wondered if Mr. Peyos was going to get a rude introduction to Ms. Grumpy Metro Bus Driver. Alas, all we met were people who asked us if we had electric bikes. 

That is the Number #1 question we get. I always answer that it would be totally pointless to get on the train with an electric bike. 

Now for the review: Yes, it is delicious. If you want to restore the natural balance between good and evil in your stomach buy some. I have suffered from several problems and buying this has helped with my problems. Not only that but it is so yummy. The owner is super duper awesome and he is single ladies (who could resist that beard) and he rides a bike. The downside, you will have to have this shipped to you straight from the motherland of Los Angeles. If you order from him tell him Chava (yeah, that's my Hebrew name) sent you. Last but not least, it's kosher! All those fermentation experiments in college got you here. We are so proud of you! Thank you for shipping this to us! Toda Raba!



  1. Me has convencido con tus comentarios, creo que voy a ordenar el producto querida Chava.


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