Cow Biking on Purim

So in my last post I said I would be wearing a cow costume on Purim. Purim is not the Jewish Halloween, by the way. I like Ask Moses because they provide clear short concise answers. So if you are curious then read this: What is Purim?

On Purim itself, Jews are involved in several mitzvas, one of those is misloach manot. This involves giving a gift of two prepared foods another Jew to be used for their seuda mitzva (basically a holy food party).  People get all into giving smaller food packages to LOTS of people. Every year we get strange stuff. Mostly it is prepackaged food. Since I have stomach issues none of it is really appetizing to me. You really only have to give to one Jew and most years I find one lady to give something of substance too in order to have more money for the other mitzvah of matanos leyovim (tzedak for another Jew to be able to provide a seuda on Purim).

The people who know us best give us really healthy stuff and to top it off, beer. If you really want to be my friend then don't send me partially hydrogenated junk. Last year my friend/neighbor gave us yummy fruit in a pink plastic bowl. Awesome! Fruit is good and double awesome because I use that pink bowl all the time.

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In the event I know you and don't give you anything I want you to know that I gave all that money to tzedakah, there. It is best to think the best of people anyway but you never know.

Okay, so while I personally do not give loads of food gifts, my daughter has taken to giving all the girls in her class (the ones in our bikable area) a small food box. We try to make it as healthy as possible. Yeah, those cupcakes are whole wheat. It will be needed to clear out the candy fiesta. This is the day when kids in the community get stoned out of their mind on candy, candy and more candy. I am sure dentist are all clapping their hands and cheering in unison!!

Oh and by the way it is only proper for females to give to another female and males to give to another male. I would be totally uncomfortable if my friends husband suddenly came to deliver to me a bottle of wine and a cake, weird.

Now that I think about it, Purim is probably the worst day to bike around because everyone is delivering their goodies, but that is okay. This year my photographer will be eager to take pictures from her seat.

In 2010 we biked around with that blue sign but this year I might have to make a new one just so we can get through the day. Most likely I will get a ton of stares. This year my sign will say, "So what I ride a bike dressed as a cow, don't run me over! Purim Sameach!" MOOO!


  1. No me imagino lo divertido que te va a ser ver las caras de la gente al ver tu letrero.


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