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I call my mom at least once a day. Our morning phone conversation is always cut off when I end up walking under a particular tree in the neighborhood. That tree!! Don't worry, no trees were harmed.

We talk and laugh and laugh more. Our daughter LOVES her. The last time my mom visited I left them to explore Volunteer Park and the two of them made videos on my moms iPhone and people in the park just stared a them. I wonder if people though my mom was crazy or on drugs. Maybe both.

In any case, my parents love going on epic European adventures. The last couple of years they have gone to Italy. I feel like every time they have gone my dad has gotten robbed. Some sleazy person finds their way into my dads pocket and bam! Whatever he was carrying, it doesn't matter what it is, gets taken.

To my surprise I found the funniest video showing how this potentially happens. I love it when the guy takes something and then dangles it behind, hahaha. Now, his next trick is taking your bike while you are riding it.



  1. Hello,

    From a Jew in Seattle that Bikes.


    1. Good Shabbos! Not too many "frum" ones in my hood.

    2. Im from your hood, are you looking for a cargo bike my brother was selling one

    3. No, not really. We are pretty happy with our set up. The only bike I am interested in is the one from the post "Hvorfor Ikke?".

    4. He has/had a Bullitt bike just that color set up for his kids I dont know if he still has it. I have often thought about halling some of the kids around like that but its not so practical in seattle. I have had a KOna UTE i will check to see if my brother still has it. my email is I think i have met you on the road.

    5. It would very expensive if he was selling it I can imagine. The only person I know of in Seattle with this bike is the guy from Totcycle. Do you go to one of the Orthodox shuls?

    6. Yes BCMH and Kline Galand on Shabbos. I just spoke to him he is asking 2500.00 I used it once it was odd very long I need to leave work for Shabbos.

      Good Shabbos

  2. Que video tan interesante y a la misma vez sumamente temeroso!!!


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