Friday Grow Light

Happy Friday! I had an amazing anniversary where I biked to Krispy Kreme, bought 3 dozen pink sprinkle donuts and then personally delivered them to all the women and the 3 men in my husband's department so they don't hate him.

I loved all the stares I got from people while I biked down 1st Ave with the Krispy Kreme goodness strapped to the top of my basket. I had a couple people look even drool. One person laughed and said, "ohh, donuts!"

On to new things. I looked under my grow light this morning to see little seedlings peeking through the pots I like to have people smell and then tell them that it was made out of COW Poop! Smell, smell it! As you can clearly see, I am growing peppers in this tray.


  1. El querer es poder, que maravilla es la vida de las semillas. Felicidades!!

  2. La foto esta favulosa.


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