Happy Anniversary Mr. Peyos!

Yes, today marks 16 years of legally binding marriage. We did not get married on Feb. 14th on purpose. It was actually a day that the Frederiksberg Commune had a day opened for us. We got married on a cold snowy day in a part of Copenhagen called Frederiksberg. I am not sure if we biked there, it was so long ago.

I met Mr. Peyos when I was 19 and slightly lost in a train station in Berlin. We got married not too long  after that.

Mr Peyos preplanned in order to mark our anniversary Mr. Peyos brought home on Monday a hermetically sealed jug of beer he was brewing with two other dudes and stuck it in our very cold closet.

On the day we are to mark our day Mr. Peyos is going to bottle the beer and we will drink it. If we get a sitter maybe we will even ride our bike around and deliver the bottles to one of the other brew dudes.

Happy 16 Years of Bliss!


  1. Happy Anniversary! I hope you and Mr.Peyos have a wonderful day.


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