I-90 I will bike over you for FREE

View of Seattle From Mercer island
Sometimes I forget where I live. We came from the land of the hippy and now we live in conservative uptight land. Now, I am sure you are saying that Seattle is totally groovy but it really isn't and I attribute it to the fact that people lack sun. If you get on a bike you get probably more sun than those people in the metal machines.

Most recently I taught a gardening class. I taught how to start seedlings for your spring garden. The class was given at one of the synagogues and I briefly mentioned my class to friends. That is who showed up, friends. I think that the advertising for the event was fair. What was the best part, it was FREE. I didn't even charge the shul for the supplies. How could people not want to show up? Two people I didn't know showed up, but the other 4 people were my friends, people I knew. These were people with huge families who left their kindlach for a little to learn about gardening in the Pacific Northwest. Then again you can't get Jews to do anything unless food is involved.

Yes, I was slightly offended I took time out of my week to prepare, go buy the sterilized organic seedling mix (All the way at the bottom of Madison, not an easy bike ride back home). My husband somehow had the foresight to know that this was going to happen. I even made a resource list correctly citing sources.

So, like stupid me I propose a bike to Mercer Island event for families. Like everything, I must have a goal. I am not going to bike up and down rolling hills if it doesn't mean that I am trying to get somewhere. For this reason I find the Chief Stealth Trial slightly pointless. It even makes it easier for all the thugs who walk it to rob people.

The Beginning of the Bridge route
My organized bike event would show people that they can bike across the I-90 bridge. Once the toll kicks in they can roll across that bridge all the while thinking, "haha, I'm on a bike".

So, what is on Mercer Island Jews needs?

For one, there are the two stores where you can buy all kosher and not natural partially hydrogenated pre-packaged foods. Wow, that is harsh.  I don't think I need to bike there to add to my digestive issues.   I will give up and go there to buy matzos right before Pesach and then fill up on the frozen gefilte fish blocks.

What else is there? Island Crust Pizza. It's okay but I always come away knowing that I would have been better off making one at home. Mr. Peyos is not a fan of eating out and never has anything good to say about food made by someone else. Although, he did smile when our friend's kid in baking school made a very European cake and he ate a slice.

Side Note about Jewish Publications:
Now I understand that every Jewish community has to be sensitive to diversity so Jewish publications have to accommodate when it comes to making a "Best of.."column. Recently I was reading one such publication and all the food related "Best Of's" were not kosher. Fine, you eat trief, that's your decision. When it came time to name the Best Pizza they picked the kosher one. Frankly, if you are going to go all out and name a trief restaurant then do yourself a favor and go to a good pizza restaurant  I couldn't tell you where to go but I am sure with all the places to eat in Seattle one is bound to be better than the kosher one.

Heck, you might as well put Ezell's on that list because it smells SO good! I have never eaten there but the smell alone is enough to drive you crazy. Also, if Oprah eats it, then YOU have to eat it.

Then like everything in Seattle, you can't criticize or even joke about it or else suffer the passive aggressive wrath of someone who lacks too little sun. I am a slave to torturing myself on Twitter:

No, I do not support you! Toll that bridge. Why do you get a free pass? Is it because you decided to live on that island?

Most recently someone complained in the Bellevue Patch about how the toll was going to affect Jews. I hate to say it, but if your life is somewhat worse because you can't get kosher marshmallows, life must be really in the dumps. Probably people will shop less and those people who have kids at the Jewish high school might have to find alternatives but it is not just an Eastside Jewish phenomenon. People on this side are going to totally freak out because they can't get their naturally hydrogenated kosher parve, give me a stomach ache cake at Albertsons. Can you tell my common theme about food?

Okay, my efforts to get Jews on a bike in a commute way is so far unsuccessful. I would hate to lead a bike ride over the I-90 bridge when it is "warmer". Anything over 40F is warm to me. After chasing after Mr. Peyos on Superbowl Sunday I ended up with little more than a light sweater and a scarf. My neck gets really cold. I don't like sweating and "warmer" weather would mean sweat. This is a sight that is not pretty. So, in conclusion, if you want me to do anything make sure I am not sweating because I get pretty cranky when that happens. This is the main reason I actually enjoy the Seattle weather.


  1. Good luck with your group bike ride! Please know that you've inspired me, at least. I've never biked to Mercer Island--alone on a light bike or with the kids. I had figured it was too difficult to reach. I'll give it a try now! I'm embarrassed to admit I used the excuse of my father visiting to drive over for a Chanukah festival last year.

  2. As far as the group ride goes I might not lead it. I would gladly go along if it happens. The 1-90 is nice but on the way back from Mercer Island kids might feel a little scared to be so close to that rail. That gap at the bottom is pretty significant. I hope that in the design of the 520 bridge they come up with a better rail that feels less like a space for stuff to roll out and into Lake Washington. My daughter always complains on the way back from Mercer Island, "mommy, I think I am going to fall in that crack!"


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