Kombucha for All, no just for me.

I knew this week was going to be difficult blogging. Thursday was a fast day and I had errands to run so by the end of the day I had a massive headach. I was glad a friend was able to pick up my kid from school and bring her to the house. 

While I waited and cleaned the house I decided to bottle my kombucha. On Sunday Mr. Peyos and his friend brought over their carboy full of beer in order to bottle. Too bad it won't be ready in time for Purim. As you can see from the picture it is a cool glass container for fermented goodness. This was a good experience for me. As much as they splashed stuff all over my floor and I ended up having to wash lots of towels afterwards, I learned a lot about sterilizing bottles and capping them. 

Mr. Peyos was nice enough to buy me these beautiful blue bottles so that the beer he made and my kombucha don't get mixed up. 

Here is how the process works. First, I used the basic recipe from Sandor Katz's book Wild Fermentation. I found so many YouTube videos showing me people talking about making it and many people are really concerned with ph, but I am not sure I care so much. I watched one video that said that I should NOT use black tea to brew because it has dangerous oils. I figure if good old Sandor is alive an uses black tea I am not going to worry so much about it. 

Our friend at Brassica and Brine had sent a mother. Here it is, all jellyfish like. When it arrived it smelled like vinegar. While we waited for the first batch to brew I ended up buying some at the store to taste. I actually felt really good drinking it but if I didn't have a "mother" to begin my own I would be talking about $3 a bottle per day. Mr. Peyos was adventurous and bought a non-flavored variety and said he felt sick afterwards. I explained to him that I had been building up my gut by eating all that sauerkraut but he has decided to refuse my offer to try what I make in the end. 

Here is the small jar of the second batch I brewed. Basically this is just sugar, hot water and 3 green tea bags. I love tea. Once the whole mixture was cool I put the "mother" in and covered with cheese cloth. That rubber band is to keep the cloth in place.

Here is the final product from the first batch. I forgot to take a picture of the dark mixture. I flavored this batch with a juice from Trader Joe's but you can flavor it any way you like. A lot of people on YouTube like to flavor with ginger. 

Next step is to bottle this so I can get that extra fizz just like the store. Tada! Only 3 bottles so the second time around I will brew more since I have two mothers now.

If you are wondering what kind of beer Mr. Peyos and his dude friends brewed take a look at a potential label I won't make. 

Good Shabbos and Purim Sameach. This blog will hopefully be back and running like normal on Monday including my Purim Wrap!


  1. Great news that the beer and Kombucha are coming along! It's such a great feeling to put time and effort into something and then be able to enjoy the product. The bottles are very pretty too.


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