Purim, Purim, Purim, Moooooo!

The sign on the back of my bike
Honestly, I don't leave my house and think, "wow, today is going to be a blog worthy day!" Most of my mind thingies are a result of years of accumulated craziness.

This Purim was meant to be epic, without trying.
This cow care about safety
Our starting point was Shabbos. The Shabbos before Purim it is customary to hear Parshas Zachor. This week was my week to help with kiddish set up so I was worried I would miss it but the minute we stepped into shul someone said to me and my daughter, "hurry up, they are about to start". We go up and listen, check. Help kiddish set up, check. Make our way to where my husband davens and got to hear Parshas Zachor two more times. Three times, without even trying.

Shabbos Ends and Purim Begins:
The evening megillah reading went smoothly despite the two kids crawling on the floor. You would think that was obnoxious but I was so intent on listening and impressed that my 8 year old was following along the whole time I didn't care. One of the kids was really distracting because her costume was hilarious and she seemed to be modeling it the whole time. I had to stop myself from looking.

The morning early megllah reading was very mellow since it was EARLY.

Skip forward, checky check all the other mitzvahs except seuda. My daughter was tired after the super awesome evening party so I delivered all her goodie bags alone. She made a bag for all the girls in her class. Forget the Chilly Hilly, this was my personal bikeathon. I have the climb hills and sweat. I hate sweating, it looks ugly.
A hill I rode down, weeh. I meant, MOOO!
Oh oh but what did I wear? I told you I would be a cow, moo. Here is my costume after considerable damage. Damage I will explain in a minute. I did a whole, "how many cars can I crash with this costume?" Safety first, helmet over cow head, annoying cow bell so when I bike you can hear me, and apron with pockets to stash stuff, primarily candy.

Wait, how did it get so damaged? Oh that is where the adventure begins. My daughter made ice cream cone cupcakes and we made lovie goodie bags I loaded on my bike. Now since I was out I was going to stop at the store. After I made all the deliveries, I stoped at PCC and DOOM! My wallet and cell phone are NOT in the bag.

My guess was it went into a goodie bag. I had 10 options so I biked to my dear friends house and she lends me her car so I can find my wallet and phone. Yeah, here I am trying to be eco-friendly and bike. Using a car feels, wrong. So, one of the goodie bags was an easy delivery because the people were passing me in a car and all they had to do was roll down the window. Little did I know that more than food was in that bag.

Here is her tale: I handed over the bag to the kid friend and she took it from the back of the car window. Little did I know that somehow my wallet and cell phone was dropped into the bag. So, an excited year old was even more excited when she saw a shiny wallet and a cell phone. Ohh, "look, Ima, I got a wallet and a cell phone!" Of course the mother thought we had some theme going on. So the mother is driving along and the kids are so excited about my wallet and phone. At some point the mother realized that it was a real phone and my wallet with credit cards, change, drivers licence  Tully's card. Everything an 8 year old girl could need.
Costume worthy of The Garden Renegade
While this drama is unfolding I am in a red car with my moo helmet. I am sure I confused everyone because first I was on a bike and suddenly I am driving a red car. My car adventure allows me to go to the famous Julie Bass home and show her my costume and hope that my wallet and phone were in her bag. Nope! Next stop was home and use of the regular phone. I call the first mommy from the delivery list and hello, yes they have the phone and wallet.

Oh but in this short time the Sefardic community seemed to have broadcast to everyone that my cell phone and wallet went missing. It must be special telepathy. I wasn't able to transmit back that I found it so I am letting you know. I got it!

Seriously, you would think that was the end of my drama. We go to a friend's house and have a lovely seuda with her family and another family we are friends. We were suppose to stop off at another friends house but by the time we left the first house it was already 9pm. Mr Peyos and his BFF make their way to the house where men are singing. Oh, but who also happens to be there? The Puyalluper Rebbe. Yes, just recently moved to Puyallup with his sidekick "The Gebbie". Mr. Peyos is served a tall plastic cup of vodka, a drink he is familiar and tolerant too. The man chugs it down says a few l'chaim's and makes his way home. He looked fine when he came home so I thought nothing of this so called "vodka". Well, Mr. Peyos is getting old and he doesn't seem to absorb vodka the same like when we were young and with two less grey hairs. This is where the tale gets ugly. I don't know what it is Mr. Peyos drank but he ended up in not the best state. This morning he is fine but what a night last night!

So, the whole Purim was eventful, without trying and I managed to get a workout in a cow costume, lovely. I can't wait until next year!


  1. I agree. I can't wait till next year too! What an adventure you had! The unexpected ones are the fun ones, right? :) We had some of the love cupcakes...compliments to the chef!


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