Put your snow boots away

See, the Goat says Spring is Near
My hobbies: gardening, organizing, napping,reading and then napping, listening to the police scanner and following the weather.

Thank G-d my husband has a respectable job or we would starve to death. Or worse,  live off quesadillas  and beans.

I am not going to count biking as a hobby because that is called transportation. I know, it's a long drawn out word.

Seattle has some interesting weather phenomenon  So, I like nothing better than to scan the web for that glimmer of hope for a snow day. You know, a true hot cocoa day.

I hate to say it. Time to stop dreaming about snow and put your snow boots away. I'm sorry but the guru of Pacific Northwest weather says so. He also says that the radar can trick you. Seattle has had a mild winter. I know SDOT is sad. What will they do with all that salt?

So, look like a dork and put your poncho on and bike in the rain.


  1. Hoy prometian que iba a llover todo el dia en San Antonio y no llego nada de agua. Lo bueno fue que regue las plantas del "Deck"
    Hemos alterado el clima todos los humanos.


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