Ride on the Sidewalk?

Some time ago I said that sidewalk biking was dangerous. Well, it is for the most part but their are instances when the sidewalk is not all that evil. After Mr. Peyos got ran over once we try not to bike in certain areas, namely Martin Luther King south of Dearborn.

Now, occasionally some sidewalks are hardly ever touched by feet. People do walk in the Rainier Valley hood but usually people come out when the sun is shining and it is "warmer" or to rob you of your iphone.

I used to have one of those handy City of Seattle Bike Maps in my basket, but after years of learning the lazy routes up to Capitol Hill and back I realize I don't need it much.

So, in order to be informative and show you that it is more practical to bike, here is how to get up to Capitol Hill using sidewalks as my private cycle track.

Here is where my journey begins. This is riding north on Martin Luther King. To my left is Lowes and an Amazon building. For the most part it is safe, no cars come in or out. I promise, you won't get run over here. Do look out for the cars coming in/out of the Amazon building.

Once you cross the crosswalk to can keep moving down the sidewalk. FYI, in keeping with plain paranoia, I dismount the bike and walk across the crosswalk.

Still nobody walking.

This is still the sidewalk

Here I turn left and continue on the street.

Past the services for the Blind.

Trying to take a picture and turn at the same time.

Now I am biking north making my way closer to the I-90 trail.

In my head I hear turtle music.

TADA!! Lookie, I am biking up past the African American Museum.

Continue west on the I-90 trail.

Yeah, I made it across 23d Ave. So far nobody walking or on a bike.

Making my slow way past the skate park and bike polo. You can see Judkins Park ahead.

Nice slow rounded path up.

Washington Middle School ahead. This is exactly what a trail should be, functional and through areas where people need to go.

Now I have made it past the sloping hills of Judkins park at 18th Ave S., looking lightly west north.

You need your daily dose of discounted pastries? On my right is the Franz Bakery Outlet.

18th Ave, north.

Past one of the old shuls, now a church, ughhh.

Past a very blue Good Neighbor Grocery on 19th Ave, north. Memories of the crazy guy who threatened to kill us.

See, now safe and sound on very bikey 19th Ave where you will easily spot other cool people on a bike.

I took this so you can get and idea of how much climbing that is. Those tall buildings are the tips of downtown Seattle.

So, the last last picture is of me locking my bike up on 15th Ave. on the oddest sun day we haven't had in a long time. Enjoy the rain today!


  1. What an adventure. It seems like its a great way to some meditation and relieve stress. For one, being in a hurry wouldn't make that much difference, so why stress. Just enjoy the journey. And few people get to capitalize on the rare sun, the way bikers do. I'm certainly envious of that fact.

    Such great photos and now the trail you take seems less mysterious. Awesome.

    Thanks for sharing!


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