Take A Chill Pill Bike Like A Cow

You know we have that glimmer of spring sometimes in pockets throughout our day. Last week we saw many but some people need to honestly take a chill pill. I am pretty sure it is the lack of sun. My Twitter feed was all about who is happiest. You know what, people who expose themselves to fresh air, sprinkles of Northwest rain are happier than the drivers of the metal machine. Didn't you see my goat? When the goat smiles you know spring is near.

Get out of that hole of sorrow and depression and take a chill pill!

Side note about grumpy people:
Until recently I was under the impression that all Seattlites were lacking essential vitamin D to give them that extra happy boost. Well, I found one grumpy pants opionator when I was sitting and reading the paper version of The Capitol Hill Times. Somehow Chason Gordon has a hard time explaining Seattle to other people. Wait, he seems to have a problem just plain out talking to other people. Wow, is this guy mean/grumpy. Then it I realized, it's not people in Seattle who are grumpy pants it people like this guy who can't just be nice. I was ready to just go out there find him and pour some herring down his throat.  It has essential vitamins and minerals he looks like he lacks. You should never discredit someone because they want to just chit chat with you, you never know. I am not advocating talking with every schmo who comes your way, heck that person could be an editor for a high flying magazine and give you a boost. There!

Oh, but Portlandia mirrors how we all behave here in the Pacific Northwest when we see a hole of sun. Oh yeah, we act just like that.

In order to get out of this rut I like to keep busy, spending less time on my electronic goo. Recently I have been working on an really good costume for Purim. Gosh, what can I dress up and bike in comfortably? Last year I was really into making my own Hello Kitty costume.

Family Friday Idea
Isn't this little girl cute? Then I though about my helmet, having to turn and just plain out ran out of time. I was so tired last year. Oh yeah, I also worked the day of Purim, crazy!

This year I decided to make myself less crazy and be a cow. Oh, I am not going to be an ordinary cow. I will be the biking cow of the Rainier Valley. MOOOO! 

Tomorrow I will get into the logistics of Purim and cow biking.


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