Yom "Super Bowl" Tov

Happy Friday.

I hate sports. My father loves sports. I made the conscious decision to marry someone who does not like anything sports related. So how does a conversation between a potential son-in-law go:

My Dad: Do you like sports?

pre-Husband: No

My Dad: Do you like football (meaning soccer).

pre-Husband: No

My Dad: Humm

I am sure my dad was wondering how this Dane does not like soccer, hence the "humm".

Right now I am working on my novella about how I need another bike so you get a short post and a video again!  This one is to prepare you for the Yom Tov of Super Bowl Sunday.

Oh wait! You hate sports too? Then join FamilyRide. <--------Click on the link to get more information. If I can entice my family to bike there we might even go. Most likely we will be biking to a bookstore on Sunday..

S.U.P.E.R. B.O.W.L.
Green Lake Shade Plaza
Sunday, February 3, 2013
1:00 p.m.


  1. El video esta fabuloso, fueron al evento en la bicy?

  2. No fuimos a Half Price Books. El jueves sale mi "post" sobre nuestra aventura.

  3. Fue dificil ver el video del juego de las frutas y verduras, estaba llorando de risa!!


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