Amazon wants me to have "More Cow Bell"

It is Friday and I had such a hard week. I couldn't get time to actually sit down and write something, nor was I on public transportation where boredom sets in and I end up making a post lickety split.

We had two days where my kid was exhausted and sick. None of it was Purim related so don't blame me for allowing my kid to eat candy until she was blue in the face. This never happened. As much as I like candy our kid has so much self-control she will hoard candy. We know her so well we were able to leave all the mishloach manot with candy out on a table and she didn't even touch it.

So, we were left with sorting and composting the rest of what was left from our mishloach manot and cleaning the house because it was a disaster after Purim. Tuesday was a super cleaning day.

I barely have time to look at my email. I caught up and noticed the recommendation email from Amazon. When you make a purchase from Amazon you occasionally get an email suggesting what you might want to purchase in the future. For my costume I only purchased the cow ears and an apron. I bought the cow bell at Michael's. I guess some computer formula figured I was missing the cow bell and suggested that I get it to complete my look.

No way was I going to spend $19 or even $30 on a cow bell. I know I am crazy but not that crazy. It is funny how Amazon works because you buy something and then get bombarded with email suggestions later. I don't even think I spent $7 on the bell. Since we don't have a door bell I might take the cow bell and hang it outside. For a while we were tempted to put a bike bell out there but I think we came to the conclusion that people who knock on the door might not know how to use it.

I wonder now if I have the same exact cow bell used by the Blue Oyster Cult

This Shabbos is sure to be special. Simply Tzfat is in town and we will be there with what my daughter used to call  "The Dancing Dada's".


  1. I'm looking forward to this. There is also a free concert for Avos Ubanim participants so the boys are excited too. :) Sorry to hear you had a hard week. Hard weeks make Shabbos all that much better!

    Gut Shabbos!


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