Bike Expo 2013 Part 1

Oh this is going to be long. I know people have better things to do than read my blog, unless you are in the potty. So, I decided to break up this long post in two parts. Tomorrow is part duh.

Uwajimaya snack stop before the Expo
Two years ago we volunteered for Bike Works at the bike corral. That was the year the Bike Snob showed up to spew his wrath on the expo. Davey Oil gave us an orientation on what to do and say when people brought their bikes to park. Somehow my kid got it into her head to say stuff like, "if you don't return with your matching bike ticket we will keep your bike". She took her job very seriously and was not joking about keeping the bike. She even got to ticket the bike the Bike Snob was using. I am sure he was in too much tush pain to pay attention to what was going on with his bike.

It was wet that day and I allowed my kid to splash too much in the puddles thinking I had extra socks in the trailer. Little did I remember that I took everything out to clean it and we had nothing. So, instead of walking around the Expo enjoying ourselves, we were in a search of tiny people socks. I wanted to hear the Bike Snoby snob talk but instead we sat where the talk was to begin and managed to change her socks there. My daughter had the camera and managed to take the most hilarious pictures of her foot in what looked like his mouth. She took so many that we laughed so hard while Mr. Snob was talking. I wonder if he noticed a hysterical mom and a little girl laughing off to the side. My husband enjoyed the pictures because he doesn't understand Bike Snob humor. I tried so hard to find those pictures because but with Pesach cleaning I put stuff away.

This year we decided to do something new and volunteer at the bike donation station for Bike Works. We really like Bike Works. They do so much for the community and are in general nice people to get bike help from. I never feel pressure to buy something when I got there and they don't judge me for not looking all spandexy.
waiting for the light to get on the Alaska Trail

The plan was to take a peak at what was donated in kid pink. Alas, anything with germs sticks to my kid and she ends up with a cold and major asthma. Instead of hanging out with me she got stuck at home, catching up on her Hebrew homework.

The ride was quick as it was mainly flat. I was not forced to ride behind a butt or multiple buns, yeah!!! Nobody was in a race with me. Although some spandexy man caught up with me and told me I was going fast which I told him that I was going pretty slow.
Elliot Bay Bike Trail

In exchange for standing outside in the barely mist I got to peruse the expo for a little before my volunteer gig. 

That new route under the Alaska Vidaduct is really bad I am going to give it a BIG thumbs down. What person on a bike thought to make that maze of paths on different sides of the road? Oh, sure give cars a better chance at killing me. It is not in any condition to just bike. I felt like I spent a lot of wasted time just stopping and slowing down.

Here is where it gets narrow
When I finally got on the Elliot Bay Bike Trail I was so happy and felt free! As you can see I was pretty alone. Nobody was in front of me and I see, NO BUNS to ride behind. I did have a cinnamon bun in my bag for a later snack. If you want a really good workout, I highly recommend biking this trail and then coming back. It is nice on a early Sunday morning.

Those girls in front of me passed me and then kept looking back to see if I was still there. I tried to transmit that I was not in a race with them but somehow they didn't get it. I kept this distance behind them the whole time, not really exerting myself.

The last picture for today is me arriving at the Expo. Tomorrow I will explain why I didn't take pictures at my volunteer gig or inside, long story.
I did it!


  1. Can't wait for part Duh! :> We don't have a lot of interaction with Bike Works, but every time we have it has been good. They are very nice people and are knowledgeable.


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