Bike Expo 2013 Part Duh

Yesterday we left off with me arriving at the Seattle Bike Expo and the wonderful smell of the fishy fish bay. My first task was to find my volunteer station, the Bike donation station. I honestly assumed that it would be near the bike corral but I was wrong, not thinking like a car owner. The signage was bad and I biked to the corral and then did major exploration among cars in order to find the donation trailer. Well, better signage will be nice for next year. I made the executive decision to get my free entry ticket and go in before working. This left me with an hour to go through the expo.

By this time I was hungry. I needed fuel. I brought several food items from home and was walking around the top floor with carrot sicks and staring blankly at the different booths. One man at a booth asked for some carrots so I politely asked about his bags. He was nice and left me have "as many as I wanted " stickers for my sick kid. Detours person, you were very nice despite the fact I bought nothing, took stickers and was really stingy about giving you carrot sticks. My next stop was a long chat with the people at one of the electric bike stands. They had an assortment of really nice bikes. My understanding of bike charge and mileage was explained. Considering I can easily bike more than 20 in one day on some  good hills, the assist would need to be charged quicker. Plus, I have been toying with the idea of biking with my kids carpool. This would increase my load. I know, have them bike but these kids are like zombies after school. Even with one, it takes a lot if coaxing to tell a kid that we will be walking up hills. Those people with the chicken mower saved so many times. I would say, "do you want to visit the chickens?". "Of course mommy, I will get off the bike and run up the hill!"

I really want an electric assist but really worry about a breakdown I might not be able to fix or a sudden gain in bike weight I might have to just peddle.

This chi chat took up a lot of my time. The rest of the time I stopped at booths and played with stuff or played my game of "How heavy is this/Can I lift it?" For the most part I was ignored. I lifted up that Bullitt looking bike at the Ti Cycles stand. I fiddled and touched a ton of stuff, mostly ignored. At some point I saw the famous biker and reader savvy Kent. I was so close to saying hi when I was distracted by something more shiny than him. Go, ADD!

Probably the worst/funniest experience was at the Knog table. Clearly I am NOT the demographic they are marketing to. I picked up everything on that table but I am not tall, blonde or wearing skinny jeans. I opened all the locks and tried to re lock them. I could have taken something because the guy had his back to me. I took one shiny cool sticker. Although this was an invitation to take a ton. I know a lot of kids would love a shiny sticker. I am nice, so that is how we will leave it.

I went so fast I missed the chance to meet the other bike family bloggers. Ahh, I had a sick kid on my mind.

My final two hours at the expo was collecting bike donation in the car parking. Since I had my bike I had a lot of people ask me how many miles my "assist" bike goes. Ummm, as many as might legs let me. I let an Italian guy lift my bike. He looked strong and confirmed what I wine about. It's heavy!!!

I whine a lot but oh well. I had a nice time talking to Deb, the Executive Director at Bike Works. She is nice

Next year will have to be extraordinary to get Mr. Peyos to come along since he thinks EVERYONE should bike to the Expo.

My ride home was dull and quiet except for that ramp I dread. You know what I am talking about, the part where the chain link fence gets narrow and you have to peddle to get up. See, all I see is a wall of cement. I hate this ramp.

I told you this was going to be long. This is it. I left that the bike trail after passing the Space Needle and made my way onto the road with the metal machines. Hopefully next year is more eventful.


  1. How funny someone asked for your carrot sticks! I would personally feel weird about trying to eat someone else's food...people are funny. I'd be tickled if someone asked, but it's not something I would EVER do.

    Bikers have all the fun. :)

    1. I don't mind. The conversation ended up being how carrots produce better body odor than Cheetos. I think people who eat orange chemical stuff smell rancid, but that's just me. We have smelled a lot of Cheetos eating people on the bus. I also must smell fermented from all the fermented foods I eat.


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