Biking Closer to Home

Boring shopping at Trader Joe's
As shocking as it is I put my kid in a carpool in the morning. It is 10 miles there and back and after accessing the practicality of it all I decided that I was not ready for a daily 40 mile trek to and fro school.  Instead, we wake up just as bikey early as before and then make our way up a pretty steep hill to get to the carpool starting point. It's a serious walk. I looked on Google maps and it looks like almost a mile of walking. It doesn't take us long to get there. Our kid doesn't think much of walking to her carpool. In fact if she had to choose between biking a mile to a carpool and just down the street for the bus, she would choose the carpool.

So, she gets some fresh air in the morning and is peppy for school. The carpool is fun without drama or crazy talk. Sometimes it just quiet in the car, total meditation  The carpool is always on time. Nobody is marked tardy.

This leaves me biking closer to home. I feel like I don't bike in my hood so much. Most of my biking exploring has taken place in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. Some days when I rushed to pick up my kid I would end up earlier than I expected and would take a bike ride to do something mundane like shop at Trader Joe's. By the time I would get to her school with my front basket brimming with groceries.
missionaries always travel in 3's
One day I looked so laid back a threesome of Christian missionaries wanted to survey me. One of the questions was how to get more people to church. Ummm, I thought saying that I am an Orthodox Jew would turn them away but they were all ready to convert me and all. Instead the survey questions turned into me playing 20 questions with them: Where are you from? Why are you in Seattle? Do you know anything about Capitol Hill? Do missionaries come in groups of three? It's pretty cloudy right? This is exactly how I handle people who try to prozelitize to me. I start asking them all about their mother, pets, and fashion choice for the day. My husband likes to just plain prove them wrong by confusing them but I find my technique more entertaining. I like to end with, "Have a Hookah Day!", just to mix it up.

These days I bike around this Rainier Valley hood. Today I get to run errands and not have to think of schlepping up that hill, yeah!


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